PilotIQ Introduces Innovative SMB IT Solutions Aimed At Improving Business Efficiency and Cybersecurity

PilotIQ’s SMB IT Solutions Empower Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with Enterprise-Level IT Capabilities.

By providing comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs, PilotIQ offers a fresh perspective on IT management, empowering small businesses to revolutionize the way they manage their technology infrastructure.

Backed by end-to-end desktop management, seamless end-user support, EUC and risk assessments, businesses can focus on their core operations. All the while PilotIQ efficiently manages their IT infrastructure in a way that streamlines operations, improves productivity, and ultimately helps businesses achieve their growth objectives.

Too many IT suppliers and MSP’s provide an IT solution that is based on up time and meeting SLA’s without actually determining what the employee satisfaction is like. PilotIQ ensure that the Pilots of a business, the ones that are driving a business forward with technology at their hands are empowered to do their jobs efficiently. If a technology investment needs to be made, the impact on the end users is rarely thought about. PilotIQ want to change that and ensure the employees are always getting the best user experience no matter what technology decision is made. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity 

For businesses frustrated with their existing IT suppliers or simply looking to enhance their cybersecurity measures, PilotIQ offers a compelling solution.Their cybersecurity measures promise uncompromised security at the same time providing a good user experience and peace of mind for business owners. With many businesses opting for Cyber Insurance but failing to meet the minimum requirements for their policy cover, with PilotIQ, businesses can benefit from their comprehensive cyber risk assessment services to ensure they are covered.

The PilotIQ team promptly implements essential software and system updates to protect against vulnerabilities. They also go the extra mile by providing bespoke training on social engineering fraud that empowers businesses to identify and prevent threats. 

Hardware Break Fix

PilotIQ is equipped to handle damage to devices, including screen breakages and keyboard issues. Their expert team can extend the lifespan of existing hardware, whether it’s replacing RAM modules, CPUs, or SSDs, PilotIQ ensures that devices remain in optimal condition.

Upon receiving a faulty item, PilotIQ swiftly conducts diagnostics, with repairs typically completed by the next business day. The repaired unit is then delivered back to the customer, minimizing downtime and disruption to operations. 

For added assurance, PilotIQ offers uplifted cover options, including loan devices and accidental cover. PilotIQ’s Service Desk is available seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm (excluding bank holidays). 

The PilotIQ Way 

PilotIQ goes beyond just managing IT; they strive to make a real difference for their customers. By automating routine tasks and boosting cybersecurity, they help businesses work faster and safer. By partnering with PilotIQ, businesses can save time and money by cutting out unnecessary software and making their IT spending more efficient.

PilotIQ takes security seriously. They put strong measures in place to keep data safe from cyber threats. But the mitigation of any threat is not done at a sacrifice of a good user experience. PilotIQ ensure the Pilots of a business are empowered to do their jobs efficiently, securely and with no constraints. With constant monitoring and solid protocols, clients can focus on growing their business without any worries.

PilotIQ’s Subscription Models 

PilotIQ currently offers two support options: A standard premium option and an upgraded business model. This flexibility in options allows customers to choose full end-user support or basic assistance according to their requirements. PilotIQ’s services are charged on a per user per month basis and can be scaled up and down according to the business’s evolving needs. 


As small businesses expand operations and tread the tricky waters of IT management, PilotIQ stands ready to be their trusted partner. Through their innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise, PilotIQ empowers SMBs to embrace the future with confidence.

Through its comprehensive IT management services, PilotIQ focuses on delivering enhanced productivity, uncompromised security, and seamless end-user support to its clients. 

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