In The Wonder Wig, Dr. Shon Shree Lewis weaves a narrative around Brooke, a young girl grappling with self-esteem issues rooted primarily in her discomfort with her short hair.

The Wonder Wig is a call to women of all races to recognize and celebrate their inherent beauty, challenging the societal norms dictating it. Lewis’s novel is both inspiring and thought-provoking, a recommended read for young girls and women.

Dr. Shon Shree Lewis is an Award-Winning Author, Humanitarian, Doctor of Divinity Ph.D., Doctor of Theology, Minister, Professor, MA Crisis & Trauma Counselor, resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For several years, she has served as an advocate for community-based mental health programs as a speaker, volunteer, and of healing and wellness of individuals and families.

She has authored over 28 spiritual and mental wellness books available worldwide for community events, libraries and schools. One of her popular books title is Untraumatized, to share methods of healing and recovery from crisis and trauma. For several years she has coached and counseled people worldwide dealing with crisis, trauma, grief & loss, and divorce.

As of January 2020 she earned her Doctor of Divinity Ph.D Degree from Grace Christian College, located in South Carolina.

In March 2024 she became an Award-Winning Book Author.

As of March 2023, she earned her Master’s degree in Human Services Counseling: Crisis Response & Trauma.

January 2022 she partnered with DivorceCare and became a co-facilitator support groups for the healing of families going through the trauma of divorce.

December 2021, she earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, specialty training: Crisis & Trauma

In 2018 one of her books, Suicide Rescue, was recommended and used by Mental Health of America in Wisconsin as community-based literature for clients.

In The Wonder Wig, Dr. Shon Shree Lewis weaves a narrative around Brooke, a young girl grappling with self-esteem issues rooted primarily in her discomfort with her short hair. The story is set against a backdrop of familial warmth, with Brooke’s father, Craig, working as a construction worker and her mother, Barb, owning a hair salon, along with the supportive presence of her grandparents.

The plot thickens when Brooke, in an attempt to impress a boy at school, dons one of her mother’s wigs without permission. This impulsive decision, leading to an embarrassing incident at school, marks the beginning of a rift between Brooke and her mother. Barb’s reluctance to let Brooke experiment with her hair only exacerbates the situation, fueling a growing resentment in Brooke. Brooke’s journey turns interesting when she discovers a passion for wigs at her aunt Pam’s salon. This newfound interest culminates in a heartwarming gesture – gifting a wig to a patient suffering from alopecia. This act is pivotal in Brooke’s life, setting the stage for further developments that the reader is invited to discover. The book delves into the often-underappreciated aspect of being comfortable with one’s hair. In a world where the haircare industry thrives, propelled mainly by the desire of many to alter their appearance, the story highlights the pressure to conform to specific beauty standards.

The narrative explores the reasons behind such desires, be it for self-confidence, to impress others, or to emulate public figures. The flexibility and transformational ability of wigs are showcased, paralleled with the message that each individual’s natural hair is a unique aspect of their identity.

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