New Zealand Brand Beauty Rush Debuts at Cannes Its Genetic Technology Raises Concerns

On May 18, 2024, the 77th Cannes Film Festival opened as scheduled. As a hall of fame in the global fashion field, various details surrounding the Cannes Film Festival have become the focus of global media attention. Among them, the leading oral anti-aging brand in New Zealand, BEAUTY RUSH, was invited to debut at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time based on its outstanding global performance in recent years. It was also featured in the prestigious French fashion magazine “Madame Figaro”, becoming a hot topic in the global fashion brand field.

Driving the development of the genetic industry in New Zealand

New Zealand Genomic Brand BEAUTY RUSH Invited to Debut at Cannes Film Festival

BEAUTY RUSH is affiliated with the New Zealand National Pharmacy Group, which was established in 1964. For 60 years, the group has been dedicated to the research and development of biomedicine and cell medicine. BEAUTY RUSH has collaborated with major universities in Auckland, the Royal Academy of Sciences New Zealand, and several Nobel Prize winners to carry out cutting-edge research projects. The research team of BEAUTY RUSH delves into the study of cell vesicles and stem cell technology, driving innovation in the anti-aging industry in New Zealand.

The strong research and development strength is the secret to BEAUTY RUSH’s popularity in the European, American and even the global markets in recent years. BEAUTY RUSH’s scientific research laboratory is located at New Zealand’s Cell and Gene Research Centre, which focuses on regenerative medicine and cellular genetic research, and applies its findings to health products. Today, its products have become popularly sold in more than 130 countries around the world and have completed its globalisation layout in 2023. It has not only won the Hurun Best Performance Award for high-end health food, but also received prestigious international awards in the industry such as the Most Popular Nutritionist Award and the Market Innovation Award.

As a brand focusing on the beauty needs of modern women, BEAUTY RUSH has developed a variety of highly effective anti-aging products using its advanced biotechnology. Among them, the “Cell+ Beauty Drinks” is its star product, providing comprehensive anti-aging technology for the bones, muscles, and skin. Its outstanding market performance and excellent word-of-mouth have gradually made the BEAUTY RUSH brand popular in European and American markets such as France. BEAUTY RUSH’s technological products are quietly gaining popularity among many celebrities and wealthy families in Europe and America. This time, BEAUTY RUSH’s invitation to debut at the globally renowned fashion event, the Cannes Film Festival, confirms its popularity in the top fashion circles worldwide.

During this film festival, BEAUTY RUSH not only showcased its technological strength, but also greatly deepened the brand’s market impression in the world’s fashion capital through interactions with movie stars and VIP guests. Many celebrities attending the festival used BEAUTY RUSH’s Cell+ Beauty Drinks and shared their positive experiences. Additionally, as the official souvenir partner of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, BEAUTY RUSH prepared exclusive gift boxes containing the brand’s Cell+ Beauty Drinks for all celebrities and VIP guests. Designed by Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts designers, these gift boxes contained three-dimensional 24 solar terms painting and eight bottles of Beauty Rush Cell+ Beauty Drinks, offering a unique treat to the attending guests with this artistic high-end product.

Featured in the Prestigious French Fashion Magazine

Spotlighted in “Madame Figaro”

This time, BEAUTY RUSH not only appeared as the official media event’s special partner, but also successfully featured in the prestigious French fashion magazine “Madame Figaro”, showcasing its brand’s international influence and recognition in the fashion industry.

It is reported that “Madame Figaro” is a famous women’s fashion magazine originating from France, and has become an important voice platform in the global fashion industry, especially enjoying a high reputation in the French and European markets.

In the report, “Madame Figaro” detailed BEAUTY RUSH’s participation in the Cannes Film Festival, focusing on the brand’s core product – BEAUTY RUSH Cell+ Beauty Drinks. This product, celebrated for its unique triple-layer anti-aging technology targeting bone, muscle, and skin, has garnered high market praise for its innovative scientific formula, providing modern women with outstanding beauty solutions.

Industry insiders believe that through this event, BEAUTY RUSH successfully showcased its brand image and commitment to beauty to the world, marking its increasingly solid position in the global high-end health and beauty market. It further solidified its brand image in the global high-end market, demonstrating its leading market strategy and international vision, laying a solid foundation for the next step of global brand expansion.

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