Fallon Wealth Management Delivers Tailored Solutions for Retirement Planning

Fallon Wealth Management Delivers Tailored Solutions for Retirement Planning
Empowering families and individuals with comprehensive retirement planning.

Fallon Wealth Management, a full-service financial firm based in Monona, Wisconsin, is setting new standards in personalized financial solutions with its innovative retirement planning services. They excel in creating customized strategies for each client, enabling them to achieve their vision of retirement on their own terms.

Retirement planning is crucial in financial security, especially in one’s later years. However, according to a survey by CNBC and SurveyMonkey, 53% of Americans feel like they are behind in their retirement planning, highlighting the widespread anxiety and uncertainty about financial preparedness for retirement. As life expectancy increases and the economic landscape evolves, having a well-structured retirement plan becomes more important than ever.

Fallon Wealth Management aims to improve retirement readiness with its services and empower more individuals to take proactive steps in securing a financially robust retirement.

Their approach is client-focused and covers both investment planning and income planning. Their team, comprised of certified fiduciaries, factor in risk tolerance, time horizon, and income needs to create portfolios that are structured to generate sustainable returns while mitigating risks.

Moreover, as individuals transition from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of their financial journey, the focus shifts from growing assets to generating reliable income streams to sustain their desired lifestyle.

The team emphasizes the importance of diversification. In addition to traditional retirement accounts and investment portfolios, they utilize Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) as a valuable component of their income planning strategies. FIAs offer a unique blend of security and growth potential, allowing clients to benefit from market gains while protecting against downside risk.

Fallon Wealth Management also works on proactive portfolio management. The financial landscape is constantly evolving, and the firm’s advisors are committed to regularly monitoring and adjusting client portfolios to reflect market changes, so their investment strategies remain relevant and effective.

Through a combination of personalized financial analysis, strategic asset allocation, and ongoing portfolio management, Fallon Wealth Management equips clients with the tools they need to navigate the retirement planning landscape successfully. Whether they are just starting to save for retirement or are approaching their golden years, the firm’s experienced advisors tailor their approach to meet each individual’s unique circumstances.

For more information about Fallon Wealth Management and its suite of financial services, please visit https://fallonwealthmgmt.com/ or contact their office at 608-829-0790 contact@fallonwealthmgmt.com.

About Fallon Wealth Management

Fallon Wealth Management is a full-service financial firm that has been serving the greater Madison area for over 21 years. With a commitment to fiduciary responsibility, the firm prioritizes clients’ best interests in every decision, empowering them to achieve their financial aspirations. Fallon Wealth Management is also BBB-certified with an A+ rating.

Investment advisory services offered through Brookstone Capital Management, LLC (BCM), a registered investment advisor. BCM and Fallon Wealth Management are independent of each other. Insurance products and services are not offered through BCM but are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents.

Registered Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives act as fiduciaries for all of our investment management clients. We have an obligation to act in the best interests of our clients and to make full disclosure of any conflicts of interests, if any exist. Please refer to our firm brochure, the ADV 2A item 4, for additional information.

Index or fixed annuities are not designed for short term investments and may be subject to caps, restrictions, fees and surrender charges as described in the annuity contract. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuer. Please refer to our firm brochure, the ADV 2A Item 4, for additional information.

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