Amimy Catering Announces its Launch in Kuala Lumpur

Amimy Catering Announces its Launch in Kuala Lumpur
A growing company brings a fresh approach to premium catering services.

Amimy Catering, a luxury catering service from Shah Alam, is excited to announce its official launch in Kuala Lumpur. Known for its exceptional food quality and impeccable service, Amimy Catering is set to redefine the catering landscape in KL by offering a wide range of menu options, from traditional Malaysian delicacies to modern culinary creations. The company aims to cater to various events, ensuring each experience is memorable for all attendees.

Amimy Catering has dedicatedly served Selangor and has now expanded its operations to meet the growing demand for high-quality catering in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Focusing on using locally sourced, natural ingredients, Amimy Catering prides itself on delivering fresh and flavorful dishes that cater to diverse palates. The company’s experienced chefs and event planners work closely with clients to create bespoke menus that suit the unique requirements of each event, whether it’s a corporate function, wedding, intimate gathering, or festive celebration.

“We are thrilled to launch our new catering service in KL. Our mission is to redefine KL catering by providing exceptional food and outstanding service for all types of events. We look forward to creating unforgettable culinary experiences for our clients in this vibrant city,” commented the company’s founder.

Amimy Catering offers a comprehensive range of services, from large-scale events with up to 3000 guests to more intimate gatherings requiring a minimum order of just 50 people. The company is well-versed in catering for various festive seasons, including Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations. Their extensive menu options include traditional and modern dishes tailored to suit the theme and preferences of each event.

Sarah Lee, a satisfied customer, shared her experience: “Amimy Catering is truly the best in KL catering. Their attention to detail and the quality of their food is unparalleled. Thanks to their professional service and delicious dishes, our event was a huge success. We highly recommend Amimy Catering for any event in KL.”

Amimy Catering’s services are not limited to just large-scale events. They also cater to smaller occasions such as birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, aqiqah dinners, and open house events. Their flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a preferred choice for various types of gatherings. For weddings, they offer comprehensive packages that include venue decoration, catering, and other essential services to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for the couple and their guests.

In addition to event catering, Amimy Catering provides food delivery services, offering a convenient option for clients who want to enjoy high-quality meals at home or in the office. Their menu includes a variety of options that can be customized to meet specific dietary needs and preferences.

Amimy Catering ensures that all food handlers are well-trained and adhere to the highest hygiene and safety standards. The company regularly participates in Halal-related courses by KKM and HDC, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. This commitment to quality and safety has earned them a reputation for reliability and excellence in the catering industry.

With the launch of its services in Kuala Lumpur, Amimy Catering aims to set a new standard for catering services in the city. Their focus on quality, customization, and customer satisfaction positions them as a leading choice for anyone seeking premium catering solutions. Whether it’s a grand corporate event, a festive celebration, or an intimate family gathering, Amimy Catering promises to deliver an exceptional culinary experience that exceeds expectations.

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