Slkor products passed the CP65 test successfully recently – Safety and environmental protection

Recently, after a series of rigorous tests in accordance with California Proposition 65 standards, Slkor Semiconductor ( has successfully passed, indicating that Slkor’s products do not contain chemical substances listed as hazardous materials. This compliance with US California law is beneficial for safeguarding the rights of consumers both domestically and internationally, as well as protecting public health. California Proposition 65, also known as CA65 or CP65 certification, refers to the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” enacted by the state of California. This act requires chemical testing and warnings to be provided when selling products in California that may contain chemicals known to cause cancer, reproductive toxicity, or other health hazards. It has become an industry standard worldwide.

Chemical testing under California Proposition 65 is an important step to ensure product compliance, consumer health, and business reputation. Through collaboration with the renowned domestic laboratory “Dongguan Huisheng Testing and Certification Co., Ltd.,” Slkor Semiconductor ( ensures that its Slkor products do not contain chemicals identified as harmful. California Proposition 65 testing is a necessary measure to ensure product compliance and consumer safety. In an increasingly competitive and globalized market, Slkor’s commitment to compliance and providing safe products helps to earn consumer trust and loyalty, facilitating the sustained and healthy development of the international Slkor brand.

Dongguan Huisheng Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. conducted chemical tests to determine if Slkor products contain chemicals listed in California Proposition 65. The Proposition 65 list includes over 900 chemicals identified as potentially harmful, such as lead, mercury, and benzo[a]pyrene. In this test, the sample models and packages provided by Slkor are as follows:

SL78L05 300 pieces, including packages: SOT-89 SOT-23 SOT-223 SOD-323 SOD-523 SOT-323 SOT-523 SOT-723 SOD-323F SOT-363 SOD-123 SOD-123FL SOT-553 SMA SMB SMC SMAF SMBF TO-277 SOT143 SOT-343R SOT-143B SOT-143R TO-252 SOT-23-3L SOT-23-5 SOT-23-6 SOT-23-8 TO-263 TO-264 TO-220 TO-220F TO-3P TO-263-5 TO-252-4 TO-252-5 SOP-8 DFN1006 0603 3528 SOD-123W TO-3PF TO-3PH SSOP-4 SSOP-10 SOD-882 SOD-923 SOP-5 QFN32 ESOP -8 MSOP-8 TO-251 TO-247 TO-247-2 TO-247-3 TO-247-4 SOP-20 SSOP-16 DFN1610 PDFN TO-92 TO-92S DIP-16 DIP-8 DIP-4 DIP -6 DIP-18 SOP-16 SOP16W SOP-14 DIP-14 ABS MBF MBS GBP KBP GBU KBLDBS DFS SOIC-8L UMSB SMD-4 SMD-6 SMD-8 DFN2510 DFN2020-3L DFN1006-2L DFN1006-3L PDFN5*6 PDFN5 *6-8L DFNO603 PDFN3*3-8L TO-126 DFN2x2-6L DFN1610-6L PDFN3.3*3.3 QFN3*3 DFN5*6.

ZMM12 300 pieces, including packages: LL-34 and LL-41.

California Proposition 65 Test Report for SL78L05


CP65 Test Report for SL78L05(1)


CP65 Test Report for SL78L05 (2)


CP65 Test Report for SL78L05 (3)


CP65 Test Report for SL78L05 (4)

California Proposition 65 Test Report for ZMM12


CP65 Test Report for ZMM12 (1)


CP65 Test Report for ZMM12 (2)


CP65 Test Report for ZMM12 (3)


CP65 Test Report for ZMM12 (4)

After a rigorous series of California Proposition 65 tests, Slkor ( has successfully passed. With a reputation for reliability, Slkor products will undoubtedly win increasing trust and support from foreign consumers.

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