SourceHat Partners with CUBE3 to Enhance Web3 Security

SourceHat Labs partners with CUBE3 to enhance Web3 security through comprehensive smart contract auditing and real-time transaction protection.

SourceHat Labs

California – May 22, 2024 – SourceHat Labs, a leader in smart contract auditing, is excited to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with CUBE3.AI, pioneers in real-time transaction security for Web3 applications and projects. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the maturity of the blockchain security landscape. It combines the prowess of two dedicated security companies that are both aligned with the mission of protecting Web3 projects and communities as a whole.

Over the years, SourceHat has earned the trust and confidence of clients ranging from innovative startups to established enterprises. After completing nearly 2000 smart contract audits to prepare project teams for mainnet deployment, they boast a proven track record of excellence and reliability. The partnership with CUBE3 takes this protection further by adding an extra layer of security post-deployment, detecting potentially problematic transactions in real-time and safeguarding against malicious actors (without pausing or disrupting applications in the process).

CUBE3’s innovative technology supports the continuous protection of mainnet smart contracts by directly blocking malicious activities while executing the expected transactions. The combination of a robust smart contract audit, paired with these preemptive and reactive security measures, provides the most fortified defense mechanism available for any Web3 project today. Clients of SourceHat Labs will now benefit from a direct introduction to the onboarding team at CUBE3, if desired. During onboarding, the team will offer tailored security solutions that fit the project’s specific needs for long-term monitoring and operations.

Security in the blockchain space is not just a moment in time, but a continuous journey. “We’ve seen individual companies that try to take on far too much in terms of their service offerings, and it ultimately leads to a loss of quality,” said Dan Johnson, COO of SourceHat Labs. “We want to focus on delivering industry-leading analysis and smart contract security audits and then partner with the best-in-class in other areas. This way, our clients get to work with top companies that are laser-focused on their specific niche.”

Overall, the partnership reflects a commitment to evolve with the industry’s needs and provide clients with a roadmap to comprehensive security practices that address current and future threats. This collaboration represents a critical step forward in enhancing the security infrastructure of the Web3 ecosystem, where the evolving nature of blockchain technology demands innovative and adaptive solutions. Stay safe out there!

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About SourceHat Labs

SourceHat Labs, founded in 2020, quickly became a well-reputed firm in the community and is trusted as a top-tier smart contract auditing company. The Washington, DC-based company is dedicated to providing industry-leading smart contract & Web3 services while fostering a collaborative client experience.

About CUBE3

CUBE3 is a leading web3 security platform that provides real-time threat protection for protocols, businesses, and communities. Their advanced AI models proactively detect and block exploits, fraud, and compliance risks so networks, smart contracts, and transactions can continue uninterrupted and secure. The company was founded by a team of machine learning researchers, white hats and blockchain engineers and is backed by leading investors.

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