How to choose high speed motor bearings correctly?

  Bearing is a key part to support the normal operation of the motor, in addition to the manufacturing process control, the design and configuration of the motor bearing is very important, such as vertical motor and horizontal motor should choose different bearing configurations, different speed requirements of the motor should also choose different bearings.

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 Horizontal motor bearing configuration

A ball bearing and a column bearing should be used as far as possible at both ends of the horizontal motor.

If one ball bearing and one column bearing are selected, the above problems can be avoided. With a better motor factory in the H560 frame number in the 2-pole high-voltage motor, from the original use of 2 ball bearings to a ball bearing, a column bearing, the late operation effect is very good. In addition to the replacement of bearings according to the regular maintenance cycle, there is no fault during normal operation. And the temperature measured at the bearing is only 20℃. In order to solve the problem of heat and noise after the limit speed of ball bearings is replaced by column bearings, light series column bearings can be used, and it is placed on the external fan end, the cooling condition is good, and the bearing noise can also be submerged by fan noise. If the power of the 2-pole motor is larger, the bearing type is larger, and the light series of column bearings are difficult to meet the requirements of the limit speed, the bearing grease can also be changed to thin oil.

Configuration of vertical motor bearings

When the vertical motor is used to drag the barrel pump in the petrochemical system, due to the instantaneous upward axial force of the multistage barrel pump at starting, coupled with the requirements of transportation, and in order to eliminate the damage caused by the thermal expansion of the rotor to the bearing, the vertical barrel pump motor (both 2 poles or 4 poles), the upper bearing of the motor should be selected two single-row centripetal thrust ball bearings. Column bearings for lower bearings should still be selected as light series. In order to prevent damage to thrust ball bearings, the two opposable bearings should have a pre-added axial force on the bearing jacket. The size of the force is to ensure that the bearing is not damaged by the reverse axial force from the shaft extension end to the non-load end during transportation and starting.

Selection of bearing specifications and models

2 pole motor should choose light series bearings as far as possible; A series of bearings should be selected for non-positive and reverse motors with a pole number of 4 or more; Positive, reverse low speed motor should choose a heavy series of bearings. Light, medium and heavy should choose a ball bearing and a column bearing, of which the ball bearing should be placed on the shaft extension end of the 2-pole motor.

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