“New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine” Chronicles a Trailblazing Journey of Activism and Advocacy

"New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine" Chronicles a Trailblazing Journey of Activism and Advocacy

Author and former political candidate Kevin Lavigne Antoine is set to release his highly anticipated memoir, “New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine.” This compelling memoir traces Antoine’s remarkable journey from grassroots activism to political candidacy, offering a nuanced exploration of power dynamics, racial identity, and healthcare advocacy in America.

In “New Black Power,” Antoine shares his narrative, reflecting on his upbringing, education, and experiences as a pioneering African American leader in Mississippi. From his early days as a student activist to his groundbreaking campaign for Congress, Antoine’s memoir offers a candid and introspective look at the challenges and triumphs of navigating the intersection of race, politics, and healthcare.

A deep commitment to social justice and equity is at the heart of Antoine’s memoir. Throughout the book, he highlights the pervasive discriminatory practices of the National Democratic Party and the Mississippi Democratic Party he faced campaigning in majority in the majority white Fourth Congressional District.

“New Black Power” is not just a memoir but a call to action. Antoine challenges readers to confront the realities of racial injustice and healthcare disparities in America and to join him in the fight for a more equitable future. With eloquence and conviction, he implores individuals from all walks of life to engage in activism, advocacy, and allyship to dismantle systemic barriers and uplift marginalized voices.

As anticipation builds for the release of “New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine,” readers and critics eagerly await the opportunity to delve into Antoine’s compelling narrative. Praised for its authenticity, insight, and relevance, the memoir promises to spark important conversations about race and power in America.

New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine will be available soon through major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores nationwide.

About the Author

Dr. Kevin LaVigne Antoine is a former Fulbright Specialist Scholar. He earned his law degree from the College of William & Mary School of Law and completed a one-year Fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health, researching discrimination in healthcare. Dr. Antoine attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Jr. College for a year and transferred to and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi on an Air Force ROTC Scholarship. As an undergraduate at Southern Miss, he was the first African American elected Vice President of Student Government and President of the Student Senate at a predominantly white college in Mississippi. He served in the United States Air Force’s NORAD Command as an air battle manager controlling fighter aircraft in air combat training and missions, intercepting hostile aircraft approaching North American air space, air refueling, and search and rescue missions. He returned to Mississippi and worked in local government before entering politics. In 1996, he was the first African American to win a political party’s nomination to the United States House of Representatives from Mississippi’s former majority-white 4th Congressional District. After leaving politics, Dr. Antoine has served as a college vice president and professor for twenty years at New York and Pennsylvania colleges.

Book Name: New Black Power: A Memoir of Kevin Lavigne Antoine

Author Name: Dr. Kevin LaVigne Antoine


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