Samsung AI Global Public Beta: Opening a New Era of Intelligent Trading

Global public beta launch

SAMSUNG AI intelligent quantitative investment platform will officially launch global public beta on June 5, 2024. This important moment marks a key step for SAMSUNG AI in the field of crypto asset investment and financing, bringing more investment opportunities and innovative services. Cliff Asness, founder of SAMSUNG AI’s parent company, said: “The arrival of SAMSUNG AI’s global public beta marks a key step for SAMSUNG in the field of crypto asset investment and financing. We look forward to users from all over the world joining us and proposing new ideas and suggestions.”

Three levels of nodes: meeting diverse needs

This public beta launched three levels of nodes: primary, intermediate and advanced, with 99 nodes at each level, for a total of 297 nodes. Whether you are a novice in AI quantitative trading or a senior practitioner, you can find a suitable place for yourself in the SAMSUNG AI ecosystem.

Primary nodes: designed for users who are new to AI quantitative trading, helping them to quickly get started and master basic skills. Provide easy-to-understand tutorials and technical support so that every user can easily get started.

Intermediate nodes: provide more advanced functions for users with a certain foundation to help them go further in the field of quantitative trading. Improve investment returns through advanced analysis tools and personalized strategy optimization.

Advanced nodes: Designed for senior AI quantitative traders, providing cutting-edge technical support and resources to help them achieve more innovations and breakthroughs. Enjoy VIP services and exclusive resources to ensure that trading strategies are always ahead.

Hot sales, market enthusiasm is high

Within the first hour of the public beta, 297 nodes were quickly sold out, fully demonstrating the great enthusiasm and recognition of global users for SAMSUNG AI. This not only reflects the strong competitiveness of SAMSUNG AI in technology and services, but also reflects the market’s urgent need for high-quality AI solutions. This hot sale highlights the high trust and broad appeal of SAMSUNG AI among global investors.

Global community and union open

In order to further promote the popularization and application of AI technology, SAMSUNG AI is open to global communities and unions during the public beta. This move enables more users and organizations to participate in the SAMSUNG AI ecosystem and jointly witness and promote the development of AI technology. Opening global communities and unions not only improves the global AI technology level, but also promotes technical exchanges and cooperation among countries,and accelerates the globalization of the AI industry.

The future of smart trading

SAMSUNG AI’s global public beta not only provides leading smart quantitative trading solutions, but also brings many benefits:

Technology leadership: Adopt the most advanced AI technology to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of trading algorithms.

Diversified investment strategies: Provide diversified investment strategies from basic to advanced to meet the needs of users at different levels.

Safety guarantee: Top-level security measures to ensure the safety of user funds and data.

Continuous innovation: Continuously optimize and upgrade platform functions to enhance user experience.

Global vision: Further enhance the international influence of the platform through global expansion and cooperation.

Future prospects

SAMSUNG AI is not only committed to providing leading smart quantitative trading solutions, but will also continue to innovate and continuously optimize platform functions and user experience. In the future, SAMSUNG AI will promote the development of the smart trading era through the following aspects:

Technology upgrade: Continuously introduce the most cutting-edge AI technology to continuously improve the accuracy and efficiency of quantitative trading algorithms.

Global expansion: Expand partnerships worldwide to further expand the coverage of the ecosystem.

User support: Provide comprehensive educational resources and technical support to help users better understand and use AI quantitative trading technology.

Industry cooperation: Cooperate with the world’s leading technology companies and financial institutions to jointly promote the application and development of AI technology in the financial field.

SAMSUNG AI’s global public beta is just the beginning. Every step in the future will be more firm and powerful, and we will work together with global users to welcome the arrival of a new era of intelligent trading.

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