New Jersey Wills Lawyer Christine Matus Releases Insightful Article About DIY Wills and Notarization

New Jersey Wills Lawyer Christine Matus Releases Insightful Article About DIY Wills and Notarization

New Jersey wills lawyer Christine Matus (, of The Matus Law Group, has published a comprehensive article addressing a common legal query, titled “Can I Write My Own Will And Have It Notarized?” The piece describes the complexities of creating a will in New Jersey and the pros and cons of do-it-yourself (DIY) wills.

The New Jersey wills lawyer explains that while it is indeed possible for individuals to draft their own wills, there are significant risks and considerations to keep in mind. “Writing your own will might seem like a cost-effective solution, but it’s essential to understand the potential pitfalls,” says Matus. The article outlines the importance of adhering to New Jersey’s specific legal requirements to avoid invalidating the will.

New Jersey wills lawyer Christine Matus emphasizes the intricacies involved in estate planning. “Many people underestimate the complexity of their estate until they begin the planning process. Our goal is to ensure that each will comprehensively covers the client’s wishes and meets all legal standards to prevent future disputes or complications,” she states.

The article also discusses the role of notarization in the execution of a will in New Jersey. Matus clarifies that while notarization is not a legal necessity for wills in the state, it can provide an additional layer of authenticity and help establish the document’s validity during the probate process.

The advantages of DIY wills, such as cost savings and convenience, are contrasted with the disadvantages, which include the risk of errors and the lack of professional handling. Matus points out that DIY wills may not be suitable for those with complex estates or specific distribution wishes. “In situations involving significant assets, multiple beneficiaries, or special circumstances, it is advisable to seek professional legal assistance,” she advises.

The New Jersey wills lawyer also highlights the importance of having a valid will. “A legally sound will is crucial not just for distributing assets but also for appointing guardians for minor children and ensuring that your estate is handled according to your wishes after your passing,” Matus adds. She emphasizes that without a will, the estate may fall under intestacy laws, which often do not reflect individual wishes.

For those unsure about when to consult a professional, the article serves as a valuable resource, outlining scenarios that might necessitate hiring a skilled attorney. “Professional legal help is essential when the estate planning needs go beyond straightforward asset distribution,” Matus remarks.

The article encourages readers to consider their own estate planning needs carefully. Whether choosing to draft a will independently or seeking professional guidance, it is crucial to understand the legal implications and requirements to ensure that the estate is managed as desired.

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