Today is a Big Day: DealGate’s Public Release

Today is a Big Day: DealGate’s Public Release

London, UK – Cutting-edge UK market-exclusive deal-finding and business intelligence software DealGate, is having its much anticipated public release.

Intense UK Focus

DealGate understands the UK market inside and out. During DealGate’s closed beta they’ve helped 60 companies find thousands of perfect leads as well as give them priceless business intelligence tools. DealGate’s focus is exclusively on the UK for now, but their founder Dylan Moore says that they have ambitions of global growth once they “nail the UK market”, he says that they’re well on track to becoming the UK market leader in the space.

Advantages for DealGate

Businesses that use DealGate will be armed with countless thousands of leads that have been filtered down, enriched, vetted to the point of becoming the perfect list of leads. DealGate uses many technologies they have developed in-house to build the best deal-finding software on the market.

Through all these means, and more, DealGate is working to create a definite market advantage for the businesses that use it. The following is DealGates list of technologies that set them apart from the pack.

  • Intellix™ Business Intelligence – DealGate’s Intellix Business Intelligence provides in-depth information about companies and individuals.

  • Intellix™ Credit Scoring – allows you to rapidly identify good leads and judge how much credit to issue with a high level of confidence.

  • Getting to know people who matter – Gain direct access to and forge relationships with the decision-makers who are influential within a company.

  • Bulk email validation – powered by AI guarantees the accuracy and legitimacy of email addresses.

  • LeadFollow – lets you know which person, from which business, has been to your site.

What the customer gains

The never-ending flow of strong leads is what keeps a business healthy and growing. For most businesses, though, generating leads is hard work. It takes huge amounts of time and resources. Additionally, businesses have to manually filter out the junk and then do business-intelligence checks with external sources.

But not everyone has to do this work. Not when they can use the B2B lead generation software with large aspirations, DealGate. Their software is super-efficient in helping businesses connect with high-value, easy-to-close leads. In terms of trust, over 60 UK businesses (during their closed beta) have already found our software to be rock solid.

They’re giving 10 free leads away

As an introductory offer DealGate is giving 10 free leads away to anyone who books a demo with them.

Check them out with the link below

The Founder’s Story

Dylan Moore is the mind behind DealGate — a serial entrepreneur with a programming and marketing background. He claims he’s “always been into using technology to solve problems” and “when I see a problem I can solve. I work like a dog to solve it”. We’ll be looking for more from Dylan soon.

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