Squeezed: The Trendsetting Culinary Marvel Shaking Up London’s Food Culture

Squeezed: The Trendsetting Culinary Marvel Shaking Up London's Food Culture

“Vibrant scene at Squeezed, where the Sharma brothers lead a taste revolution with health-conscious cuisine and colourful pressed juices.”
Explore Squeezed, a culinary marvel in southwest London, helmed by the Sharma brothers. Backed by Amir Hossain and Partha Panda, they’re revolutionizing dining. Squeezed focuses on health, flavour, and community with pressed juices, smoothies, and Asian fusion delights. With global expansion plans, their unique flavours will soon reach Australia, Spain, and Dubai. Visit 265 Balham High Road or order through Just Eat, Uber Eats, or Deliveroo. Join the taste revolution with Squeezed!

Southwest London’s vibrant food scene just got a whole lot hotter with the arrival of Squeezed. Tucked away in the lively High Street, Squeezed isn’t just another eatery; it’s a gastronomic uprising led by powerhouses Samir and Sabin Sharma. Alongside them are the seasoned joint directors: Amir Hossain, known for his successful restaurant chain across Europe, and Partha Panda, a dynamic entrepreneur and community influencer.

Unveiling Squeezed: Where Health, Flavour, and Community Collide

Rooted in health, flavor, and community, Squeezed stands out with its steadfast dedication to these core values. The spotlight shines on their array of nutritious pressed juices and blended smoothies, crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, drawing health-conscious crowds. Yet, Squeezed transcends mere beverages; their menu is a fusion of Asian delights – sushi, steamed dumplings, and zesty noodles – all brimming with inventive flavors.

Beyond Borders: Squeezed’s Global Gastronomic Vision

But Squeezed’s aspirations stretch far beyond London’s streets. With a vision for global expansion, the Sharma brothers, alongside esteemed board members like Mr. Amir Hossain and Mr. Partha Panda, are poised to revolutionize dining worldwide. Their strategic prowess and visionary outlook pave the path for Squeezed to not only captivate London but also make its mark in Australia, Spain, India, Dubai, and beyond.

Embarking on this exciting journey, Samir, Sabin, and Anjali are driven by enthusiasm and resolve. Embracing cultural fusion, Squeezed aims to tailor its food menus to the tastes of each location, blending popular local flavors with a unique twist that captures the essence of the brand.

Get Ready for a Culinary Journey!

Wondering what’s in store at Squeezed? Get ready for a burst of flavors! From handcrafted coffees to guilt-free smoothies and shakes, Squeezed has you covered for all your cravings. And when it comes to food, brace yourself for an unparalleled culinary voyage. Dive into the world of legendary Nepalese dumplings, sizzling stir-fried noodles, flawlessly rolled sushi, and poke bowls that redefine deliciousness – Squeezed offers a dining experience that’s truly extraordinary.

To dive into the enchantment of Squeezed firsthand, swing by their restaurant located at 265 Balham High Road, SW17 7BD. They’re open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 9 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM, inviting diners to savor their delightful offerings.

For those who prefer to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their homes, Squeezed has teamed up with delivery giants like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. So whether you’re in the mood for a nutritious smoothie or a delectable sushi roll, Squeezed will bring it straight to your doorstep.

Join the Flavor Revolution

Dive into the flavor revolution with Squeezed – where refreshing sips meet tantalizing Asian fusion bites that will thrill your taste buds! Discover their mouthwatering menu at Squeezed Menu, and follow them on Instagram @squeezeduk and TikTok @squeezeduk for a peek into their culinary creations.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey with Squeezed – where every bite is an adventure.

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