The Divine Prayer Reviews – A Detailed Report On This One-Minute Manifestation Prayer

The Divine Prayer review is penned based on detailed research about the program, in-depth analysis, manual testing, a survey of customer responses, and opinions from experts.

For people unaware, The Divine Prayer is a manifestation program in the form of a one-minute prayer that claims to help cleanse the pineal gland, connect to God, and manifest wealth, health, and better relationships. This divine prayer is said to unlock creative capacity and divine intuition, helping prosper in all areas of life. Such a capability of this Divine Prayer might help people overcome financial struggles and other obstacles in life. 

The Divine Prayer Reviews – Does This Daily One-Minute Prayer At 9 pm Manifest Abundance?

At a time when life is rapidly evolving and the pace of everything is speeding up, living a peaceful and prosperous life can be hard. The current scenario is one where the average man finds it difficult to achieve financial stability, build better relationships, maintain overall health, and attract good things. A science-backed manifestation program like The Divine Prayer is helpful.

First impressions of the program are quite favorable and general feedback has been positive so far. Though this is the case, it is wrong to go by the initial responses and opinions.

The Divine Prayer review has been written to provide reliable information about the manifestation program. The review will discuss all important aspects of this divine prayer, including how it works, the things included, how to use it, the benefits that can be expected, pros and cons, bonuses, pricing, availability, and much more. Dive right in to find out everything about The Divine Prayer program.

The Divine Prayer – Facts Overview

Program Name

The Divine Prayer


The main purpose of this manifestation program is to help attract wealth and abundance by listening to a specific prayer

What’s Included

  • A one-minute prayer 

  • A detailed manuscript with instructions

  • 3 free bonus gifts


  • Helps manifest abundance in life

  • Helps attract positive thoughts

  • Eliminates negative energy 

  • Connects with god

  • Improves health and relationships

Refund Policy

90-day money-back guarantee

Official Website

Click Here

What Is The Divine Prayer?

The Divine Prayer is a unique manifestation program that incorporates a one-minute prayer to help individuals achieve wealth, health, abundance, and better relationships.

This one-minute prayer has been used by Baldwin IV and a detailed manuscript is available which is offered by this program. The creator says that The Divine Prayer has to be listed continuously for 7 days to manifest things in life.

The Divine Prayer is said to cleanse the pineal gland, help connect with God, and support the manifestation of a dream life.

The prayer claims to unlock creative capacity and divine intuition when listened to daily. The Divine Prayer is a spiritual exercise that is easy to follow and can be used by anyone.

This program will also help attract positive thoughts and get rid of negative energy.

How Does The Divine Prayer Work To Transform One’s Life?

In this section, the working principle followed by The Divine Prayer will be looked into. The prayer has to be listed daily for one minute at exactly 9.00 pm to get visible results.

As per The Divine Prayer manifestation program, the underlying cause of financial instability, poor relationships, and frequent obstacles in different areas of life is a lack of spiritual connection with God.

Studies have found that various frequencies or waves in the brain like beta waves connect people with the universe. When there is a disruption in the activity of brain frequencies, it will lead to a poor connection with God.

The pineal gland plays a key role in regulating creativity, spirituality, and other aspects. When the frequency of waves gets disrupted, it affects the pineal gland.

Now, The Divine Prayer program works by cleansing the pineal gland, connecting with God, and supporting the manifestation of wealth, abundance, health, and better relationships.

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What Is Included In The Divine Prayer?

The Divine Prayer consists of the following things:

  • A one-minute prayer 

The program is all about a one-minute prayer that has been followed in ancient times by King Baldwin IV. This divine prayer targets the pineal gland to help reconnect with God.

  • A detailed manuscript with instructions

The Divine Prayer also consists of a detailed manuscript that explains how to use the prayer and achieve benefits from it.

  • 2 free bonus gifts

In addition to the manifestation prayer, customers are provided with three free bonus gifts namely, God’s Chant and The Holy Body that offer additional support during the spiritual process. 

Does The Divine Prayer Help Manifest Abundance?

Considering the scientific working principle the program follows, it seems to help manifest wealth and abundance. The creator says that the system addresses the pineal gland which is responsible for connecting with God.

The prayer consists of specific frequencies that activate the brain waves, cleanse the pineal gland, reprogram the brain, and help connect with God. This is why this manifestation prayer seems to help manifest wealth and abundance in life. 

Benefits Of Listening To The Divine Prayer Daily

Listening to The Divine Prayer for one minute daily will help achieve the following benefits:

  • This prayer consists of certain frequencies that help connect with the universe and attract wealth and abundance

  • The program will also help attract positive thoughts and be surrounded by the right people with good intentions 

  • At the same time, this divine prayer will also help get rid of negative energy and overcome obstacles in life

  • One of the main benefits offered by this program is connecting with god and achieving spiritual energy 

  • Other areas that the program will help improve in life are health and relationships 

How To Get Started With The Divine Prayer?

To get started with The Divine Prayer program users have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1- Open the Official Website

First of all, access the official website of The Divine Prayer and get to the bottom of the page. Tap the Get The Divine Prayer Now button.

  • Step 2- Fill in the Checkout Page

A checkout page will open, where customers have to fill in necessary details such as email ID and payment information. After this, tap the Pay Now button to make the payment. Once the payment is successful, customers will get instant access to The Divine Prayer program.

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Pros And Cons Of The Divine Prayer

The following are the positives and negatives of The Divine Prayer program:


  • Science-backed manifestation prayer

  • Dates back to ancient times 

  • Simple to listen to

  • Activates the pineal gland

  • Addresses the root cause of obstacles in life

  • A full manuscript with detailed instructions

  • Protected by a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee

  • 2 free bonus gifts available

  • Discounted price

  • Add-on available during checkout 


  • Can be purchased only through the official The Divine Prayer website

  • Duplicates of The Divine Prayer might be available online 

The Divine Prayer Customer Reviews And Complaints

So far, the user responses to The Divine Prayer have been positive. Honest reviews and ratings of this divine prayer are available on trusted sources like discussion spaces.

Satisfied users have commented that The Divine Prayer is simple to follow and helps manifest wealth, abundance, and better relationships. Some customers commented on the spiritual enlightenment that the prayer offered.

From these The Divine Prayer customer reviews, the program seems safe and effective. 

Details On The Pricing, Availability, and Refund Policy Of The Divine Prayer

When compared to other manifestation programs available online, The Divine Prayer is available at a much cheaper rate. The creator has lowered the price of this prayer for a limited period so that all people can benefit from it. The current price of the program is $67.

As of now, The Divine Prayer is available for purchase only through the official website. The creator does not sell the program through other platforms like Amazon to prevent the spread of duplicates online.

That being said, imitations of The Divine Prayer might be sold through Amazon and other third-party platforms by unauthorized sellers. Such copycat programs come with similar claims, website designs, and names as the original program to trap unaware customers. These programs are sure to offer no results and be a complete waste of money.

To prevent such pitfalls, make sure to purchase The Divine Prayer only from the official website.

During the checkout, an add-on is available that can be opted for by users. This add-on is a digital product named The 101 Biblical Affirmations for Health, Wealth, and Love. When users speak any of these affirmations, the results can be achieved 100 times faster. This is available for $27.

The Divine Prayer creator offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee through the 90-day refund policy. So, in case of dissatisfaction with the divine prayer, customers can opt for the money-back guarantee within 3 months from the purchase date and get all the money back without any hassle.

To get a secure refund, users can contact the customer support team at or 1-800-390-6035.

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Bonuses Given Along With The Divine Prayer

On purchasing The Divine Prayer program from the official website, customers will get the following 2 free bonuses:

  • God’s Chant (Instant Download)

This bonus available with The Divine Prayer is a chant that helps connect with God. This chant helps activate the hippocampus and improve creativity and learning. God’s Chant dates back to ancient times.

  • The Holy Body (Instant Download)

The Holy Body is a guide that lists the simple techniques to combine the spiritual and the physical. Using this program, people can lose fat and build muscle mass. 

The Divine Prayer Reviews – Final Verdict

From everything discussed so far, The Divine Prayer seems to be a legitimate manifestation program. Before getting into the final verdict of The Divine Prayer review, here is a quick summary of the main aspects of the program.

The Divine Prayer is an easy-to-follow manifestation prayer that has to be listed for one minute at exactly 9.00 pm every day to manifest things and transform life.

This divine prayer dates back to ancient times. The prayer was used by Baldwin IV to help cure diseases and remove obstacles from people’s lives.

This divine prayer targets the pineal gland in the brain, detoxifies this gland, restores the connection with God, and helps manifest a dream life.

In addition to this, the prayer also helps manifest better relationships, wealth, health, and abundance. The program unlocks creative capacity and divine intuition.

Currently, The Divine Prayer is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee of 90 days. The perks available for purchases through the official website include free bonuses, discounts, an add-on, and a safe and fast purchase.

Considering all these, The Divine Prayer seems to be an authentic prayer that is worth giving a shot at. 

FAQs About The Divine Prayer

  • Can all people listen to The Divine Prayer?

Yes. All people can listen to The Divine Prayer to manifest anything in life. The prayer is easy to follow.

  • How does The Divine Prayer support manifestation?

The Divine Prayer supports manifestation by cleansing the pineal gland and restoring connection with God.

  • Is The Divine Prayer available elsewhere?

Right now, The Divine Prayer is available only from the official website. But, beware of duplicates of this divine prayer that might be available on the internet.

  • What if The Divine Prayer doesn’t work?

In case The Divine Prayer doesn’t help improve manifestation abilities, people can opt for the 90-day refund policy and get every penny back.

  • Does The Divine Prayer creator offer instant access to the prayer?

Yes. The Divine Prayer is a digital program. So, customers get instant access once the payment is made. 

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