MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Launches High-Purity Ganoderma Lucidum and Schisandra Chinensis Products

MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co. Ltd presents its comprehensive collection of premium extract oils, featuring the potent Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil Softgel, versatile Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil, and the beneficial Schisandra Chinensis Oil.

MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd., a cGMP, ISO, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, and Organic certified company, has been at the forefront of fungus extract powder production since 2002. With a commitment to excellence, MIGU has expanded its product range to include the highly sought-after Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil Softgel and Schisandra Chinensis Oil. These products are developed under strict quality control measures, ensuring consumers receive the best natural supplements available.

The ganoderma lucidum spore oil softgel exemplifies MIGU’s dedication to leveraging traditional Chinese medicine with modern extraction technologies. This product, derived from the spores of Ganoderma Lucidum using CO2 super-critical extraction, provides a concentrated source of triterpenoids and polysaccharides. The Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil Softgel from MIGU is formulated with a purity of triterpenoid up to 30%, offering consumers a powerful health supplement. Sourced from the organic plantations in ShannXi and JiangSu provinces, the product guarantees high purity and advanced quality. These compounds, identified and validated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, support the immune system, enhance liver function, and promote overall health.

The ganoderma lucidum spore oil further consolidates MIGU’s reputation for excellence. This oil is extracted using CO2 super-critical extraction technology, ensuring the retention of over 400 active biomolecule components. This potent extract is recognized for its therapeutic effects, including immune system modulation and liver protection, making it an essential addition to any health regimen. Available in various quantities, it caters to both individual and commercial needs. This oil is known for its ability to eliminate free radicals and stimulate the body’s natural antioxidant production.

Additionally, the Schisandra Chinensis Oil highlights MIGU’s expertise in botanical extracts. Known for its rich composition of lignans, vitamins, and essential oils, Schisandra Chinensis Oil supports liver health, enhances mental function, and boosts the immune system. Extracted using CO2 super-critical technology, this oil retains all its natural benefits, supporting various health functions. “Schisandra Chinensis Oil is a versatile and beneficial supplement, rooted in traditional practices and modern science,” comments Zhang.

MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co. Ltd’s product offerings are supported by a strong R&D capability, utilizing state-of-the-art instruments for testing and quality assurance. The company’s organic planted base, located in Shaanxi and JiangSu provinces, ensures the purity and quality of ingredients from farm to final product. “Our rigorous standards and advanced extraction methods guarantee that our products meet the highest quality benchmarks,” adds Zhang.

About MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co. Ltd

MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co. Ltd specializes in fungus extract powders and botanical extracts, certified by cGMP, ISO, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, and Organic since 2002. With organic planted bases in ShannXi and JiangSu province, MIGU ensures high purity and advanced quality in all its products.

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