Playlo Launches a Song Game to Discover New Music and Compete for Real Money

The first mobile app that gamifies your music taste while helping you find hidden gems

Have you ever wondered who has the best song in the world? With Playlo, now you can find out and even win money with your music taste. Advertised as “the Song Game”, this mobile app gamifies music discovery, collecting music from over 100 sources, including streaming platforms, radios, blogs, DJs, magazines, curators, and more, offering users a unique experience in exploring underground music and emerging artists.

Playlo’s gamification model sets it apart from traditional music streaming platforms. Users can discover new music for free and if they know a song they believe has the potential to be a hit, they can join the game and submit it. The app uses a sort of a “card” system similar to Tinder where users rate songs anonymously, culminating in a global music chart at the end of the month. If a user’s submitted song makes it to the Top 10, they can win up to $1000.

Another standout feature for Playlo users is how music discovery works and its human touch. Instead of relying on an algorithm, which can feel repetitive, Playlo lets users select the music style(s) they like and it relies on music curators from over 100 sources. This makes it easier and better to discover new songs and artists as curators bring their passion and knowledge to the table, carefully selecting tracks based on their expertise.

Every month, the platform announces the winners via their Blog and offers a glimpse into the music sources behind the Top 10 songs. Besides the charts, the blog serves as a go-to resource for music enthusiasts, with the latest music news, in-depth articles on all things musical, and spotlights on emerging artists. The platform also offers a fresh line of apparel (think tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies) in its Shop, featuring slogans and designs that speak directly to the music lover’s soul.

Playlo isn’t just for users; it’s also designed for emerging artists and music curators. By prioritizing song quality over popularity and transparently showcasing the sources behind each track, Playlo offers these artists and curators the much-deserved visibility they often lack.

“Being a music curator, it’s nice to see an app that values human touch over algorithms. Playlo allows me to share my passion for music with a broader audience and help users discover truly unique tracks. Plus, the gamification aspect makes it so cool! I even won $200 when one of my songs made it to the Top 10.” – says Pikka in a testimonial.

Currently in Beta, Playlo is accepting registrations on their website. Join an exclusive community of music lovers and curators at and get ready for the global launch on iOS and Android this September.

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