One More Thing in AI Celebrates Milestone with 20 Editions and High Engagement Rates

One More Thing in AI Newsletter celebrates a publishing milestone out of Dubai, UAE.

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One More Thing in AI (, the first and only newsletter dedicated to AI for startups and business leaders published in Dubai, has reached a significant milestone with the release of over 20 editions. Known for its high open and click-through rates, the newsletter continues to provide invaluable insights and trends in the AI industry.

Here are a couple of interesting points in the way they use AI: 

• They have a YouTube channel that features an AI-generated version of their publisher. Link to an AI-generated video on their channel. >>  

• They have a podcast featuring the voice of an AI-generated co-host, Jen. Link to the podcast on Spotify. >> 

Spotlight on AI Startups

The newsletter consistently features startups like JustPaid and Egrobots. These startups are selected based on criteria such as innovation, market impact, or funding, and their stories offer inspiration and insights for other entrepreneurs. JustPaid, for instance, is revolutionizing financial automation with its innovative platform, and Egrobots’ advanced crop detection technology is set to transform the agricultural sector. 

Transforming Financial Services

According to the publisher, Renjit Philip: “AI’s role in financial services is a recurring theme in our newsletter. We delve into applications of AI in fraud detection, personalized banking, and automated investment strategies. These advancements are reshaping customer experiences and improving operational efficiencies within financial institutions. We provide case studies on AI applications in banks like JP Morgan to give real-world examples of these transformative technologies in action.”

Legal Battles and Ethical Challenges

The newsletter has also covered significant legal disputes in the AI industry, including the lawsuit against OpenAI. These cases underscore the need for clear regulations and ethical standards in AI development. Analyzing these high-profile legal battles, One More Thing in AI offers readers an understanding of AI technology’s complex legal landscape and its implications.

AI in Healthcare: A New Frontier

The newsletter has also looked at applications in healthcare,  a field where AI is increasingly recognized for its transformative impact. Analyses of applications ranging from diagnostic tools to personalized treatments highlight how AI technologies promise to surpass human capabilities in specific therapeutic areas. Articles featuring breakthroughs like IBM Watson in oncology and Google’s DeepMind for eye disease detection showcase AI’s tangible benefits to healthcare.

Investment Trends in AI

One More Thing in AI tracks the flow of venture capital into the AI sector. Recent editions have highlighted substantial investment rounds, reflecting strong investor confidence in AI’s ability to drive innovation and economic growth. By providing these insights, the newsletter helps readers identify lucrative opportunities in the AI market.

Big Tech’s AI Endeavors

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta leverage AI to maintain their competitive edge. One More Thing in AI provides in-depth coverage of these firms’ AI research and development projects, highlighting their technological advancements. 

AI in Everyday Life

The newsletter explores AI’s integration into daily products and services, from smart home devices to personalized recommendations. These advancements enhance convenience and efficiency for consumers, making AI an integral part of modern life. Articles on AI-driven innovations in consumer electronics, healthcare, and entertainment illustrate the widespread impact of AI on everyday experiences.

Shaping the Future of Business with AI

AI’s potential to revolutionize business processes is a core topic of One More Thing in AI. The newsletter discusses how automation, enhanced decision-making, and personalized customer experiences driven by AI can provide a competitive advantage for businesses. By exploring successful AI implementations in various industries, the newsletter offers practical insights that can be immediately leveraged to achieve business success.

About One More Thing in AI

One More Thing in AI is a leading online newsletter that provides analysis and insights into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Focusing on practical applications and industry impact, it serves as a valuable resource for startup founders and business leaders. The newsletter’s commitment to curating high-quality content has garnered a loyal readership and high engagement rates. 

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