Investors Workshops Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

It was an incredible night of networking and knowledge sharing, we look forward to another ten years of Investors Workshops programming.
Investors Workshops celebrates ten successful years as a premier real estate education and professional networking group.

Investors Workshops, a popular real estate investment networking group located in Orange County, California recently celebrated a decade of real estate education seminars that have attracted a diverse group of investors, financiers, lenders, landlords and guest speakers from across the country. The program, entitled: A Decade of Education 2003-2013, was one of the most highly anticipated events on the calendar for many of those in attendance.

Experts like Bruce Norris, Tony Alvarez, Bill Tan, and Ward Hannigan were special invitees for this gala occasion. They shared their experiences, observations and advice with attendees. “It was an incredible night of networking and knowledge sharing, we look forward to another ten years of Investors Workshops programming,” said Shawn Watkins, a founder of Investors Workshops and a frequent lecturer on creative financing, buy and hold real estate, the art of negotiation, foreclosures, trusts, title insurance, seller financing, and property management.

Investors Workshops was created in 2003 to provide real estate investors with opportunities to gain experience and knowledge from other creative and successful real estate investors.

Investors Workshops is open to all kinds of real estate investors with varied levels of experience in real estate investing and is a great networking resource. “Investors Workshops is an invaluable resource if you hope to make money from buying and selling properties,” says Shawn Watkins.

“Despite some recent economic numbers that suggest the recovery is stalling or the rebounding real estate market may be due for a pause, investors are optimistic about the latest home price data released this week that shows gains in 20 major U.S. metropolitan markets, this is a great time to learn about the art of real estate investing,” says Angel Bronsgeest, a co-founder of Investors Workshops.

About Investors Workshops

Investors Workshops offers a variety of real estate educational seminars and networking events designed to help real estate investors succeed in any market. Investors Workshops provides the motivation, networking opportunities, and up-to-date education for people who want to profit from buying homes or investment properties. Each month nationally recognized real estate investing trainers hold seminars at Investors Workshops and events are attended by real estate professionals, investors, landlords, property managers, realtors, contractors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and the general public.

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