Fake Operators Impersonate Mike G to Cash in on his Burgeoning Popularity

Michael Glaspie clones create ripoff sites to cash in on his growing online popularity.

Michael Glaspie is the latest popular online personality to be targeted by scammers. The Chairman and Founder of Webnet International, one of the largest privately held internet service companies, has reported the appearance of several clone sites that are allegedly impersonating him.

Michael Glaspie suspects an organized effort to defame him by some unscrupulous online elements that fraudulently claim to be him or say they represent him. The popular direct marketing guru has slammed these sites and has appealed to his genuine clients and followers to ensure they take adequate precautionary measures to avoid falling into the traps of these clone sites. Michael’s office has issued a cautionary note to anyone who receives an unsolicited email from him.

“If you have suspicions or doubts as to the authenticity of an email or a website, do a ‘who is’ search on the website being promoted” says a spokesperson for Michael Glaspie’s office. “All of Mike’s websites list his name or the name of his company and they have never ever registered a private DNS URL.  Make sure you look at the unsubscribe information at the bottom of any suspicious email because all of Mike’s emails conspicuously and clearly tell the recipient which list they subscribed to.”

Michael Glaspie has provided a partial list of his most popular sites so that mail recipients or potential subscribers know they are putting their money in the right place.

ü  BannersGoMLM.com

ü  BannerCo-op.com

ü  FreeMarketingInfo.biz

ü  CDfree.tv

ü  NetMarketing2005.com

ü  IconAlert.com

ü  MikeGFreeCD.com

ü  FreeLinksNetwork.com

ü  NoBSMarketingHelp.com

ü  MikeGTeleCoach.com

ü  Zabang.com, and many others.


According to Michael Glaspie, he has launched over 60 different websites and order forms on the net and they have all been huge hits. Another parameter of the extraordinary success of this online marketing entrepreneur is his personal email database which is between 400,000 and 500,000 members, customers, and subscribers, and grows by a whopping 3,000 to 5,000 new people every single week.

In the year 2000, Mike built the very first one-to-one banner exchange; BannersGoMLM.com. It went viral within an amazingly short period of time. Mike says that to his knowledge it is the world’s largest privately held banner exchange in existence today.

The website MySiteInc.net is another online endeavor from Michael Glaspie that has tasted colossal success. It is a free to use built-in affiliate program, which offers easy money making opportunities to its subscribers within a short period of signing up.

Mike G, as Michael Glaspie is popularly known on the web, has a passion for developing new ways to market on the internet and creates new products to help people become successful in their marketing endeavors.

Michael is frustrated by the attempts to impersonate him and cash in on his name and reputation but is not giving in. His law firm has already filed dozens of lawsuits of ‘cease and desist’ orders to shut down several illegal scammers. He hopes that this will deter scammers from spoiling his reputation online through their fraudulent acts.


About Michael Glaspie:

Michael T. Glaspie is known as “Mike G” on the internet. He has been on the internet since 1997, and owns and operates a number of successful websites. His passion is developing new ways to market on the internet and creating new products to help people become make money easily. Right now one of Mikes passions is helping people build their own list of customers virally thru www.QRSitePartner.com/r/wiki

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