Tungsten Affinity Releases New Infograph on Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Rings
Tungsten wedding bands have become a unique fashion for those looking for better value than rare and costly gold and platinum.

As the population grows, the value of the dollar increases, as well as the what gold is worth. However, tungsten as shown out as a contender for wedding bands recently, as a steel-gray hard metal becoming a more popular choice over gold when wedding days arrive.

The melting point of tungsten is 6,192 degrees fahrenheit, the highest melting point of all known elements, and has an even higher melting point at 100021 degrees fahrenheit. It has a very similar density to gold, at 19250 kg m-3, making it an exceptional metal for wedding bands.

Tungsten, which means “heavy stone” in Swedish, was discovered in Spain when Fausto and Juan Jose de Elhuyar isolated in 1783. It used to be known by the names of the ores in which it was found, wolframite and scheelite, until it was isolated as an element by the Elhuyar brothers.

Unrefined tungsten was found naturally in Earth, but only within chemical compounds. Pure tungsten cannot be found naturally.

Tungsten is used ins filaments of incandescent light bulbs, x-ray machines and military projectiles. Interestingly enough, it is one of the heaviest elements used by any known living organism on earth, found in some microorganisms.

Now, tungsten is seen as a stylish fashion statement, known for its durability and natural beauty. Men especially find the light gray shine of tungsten interesting and appealing to their fashion-sense, and it can just as easily be plated in gold as well.

Tungsten wedding bands can cost as little as 200 dollars, compared to $1,900 for a classic men’s platinum wedding band, and $700 or more for a white wedding gold wedding band. Tungsten jewelry is the perfect option for everyone looking for a combination of style and affordability.

The price-per-ounce of gold hit nearly $1,800 on OZ in the past year, and demand for gold continues to increase faster than the supply. Tungsten itself is a marvelous metal that is helping to improve the environment by being a catalyst to clean away dioxins, nitrogen oxides and aromatics from exhaust. It is also used in energy saving devices and conserving fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions. It can also be used as a substitute for lead, which is highly toxic and even deadly in high amounts.

As of July 2013, Tungsten’s price per kg was just $47, compared to the 52 week high at $52. On the other hand, Gold’s 52 week high was $1,794!

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