The Alarming Rise of Sea Levels: A New Infograph by Distance Learning

The Alarming Rise of Sea Levels
The Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) has risen between 4 and 8 inches over the past century, a problem that Distance Learning wants to raise awareness for through new infograph recently released.

The National Geographic, data obtained from core samples, tide gauge readings and satellite measurements show that the annual rate of rise over the past 20 years has been .13 inches a year, which is twice the average speed for the preceding 80 years. This is no wonder why Distance Learning is putting such an emphasis on the awareness of rising sea levels.

According to the new infograph, the reasons for rising sea levels include the burning of fossil fuels and various human activities released in enormous amounts of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. BEcause of this, the earth’s surface temperature has risen, and that heat is absorbed in the ocean.

Current sea level rise potentially affect both human populations and the natural environment. In fact, 13 out of the world’s 20 largest cities are located on a coast, and face flooding if the sea levels do not rise. More than 600 million people in these coastal regions live just 10 meters above sea level. For every foot of sea level rise, it’s expected that 100 feet of coastal flooding happens.

The United States is a coastal nation with more than 12,000 miles of coastline; more than half of all Americans live in or around coastal cities and towns. The prompted Distance Learning to look more into the subject and help people who are wanting to go back to school find careers in eco-friendly jobs with degrees that benefit the environment.

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