Distance Learning Raises Awareness of Deforestation in new Infograph

Devastating Facts of Deforestation
The devastating effects of deforestation can be felt throughout the world and everyone living in it.

In order to shed light on the growing problem of deforestation, Distance Learning, an online resource and diploma/degree finding website has published a new infograph to show how bad deforestation has gotten and who it affects.

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, Deforestation comes in many forms, including fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging for timber and degradation due to climate change.

Distance Learning has broken down these causes, and shows that 48 percent of all deforestation is done through subsistence farming. Commercial agriculture comes in second at 32 percent, logging comes next with 15 percent and fuel wood removals cause just 5 percent of deforestation.

Forests are essential to life on Earth. They cover 30 percent of the land area on the plant, and provide shelters for countless species of plants and wildlife and produce vital oxygen for land species, including humans, to breathe.

Still, if Distance Learning hasn’t convinced you of the importance of forests yet, 1.6 billion people directly rely on the benefits of forests, which include food, fresh water, clothing, traditional (or Eastern) medicine and shelter. However, deforestation has continued at an alarming rate since the 1950s, and only depletes more each year.

The removal of trees without a sufficient amount of reforestation has had adverse impacts on bio-sequestration of an atmospheric carbon dioxide, as well as damage to thousands of habitats, loss of biodiversity, and aridity. Globally, around 13 million hectares of forests were converted to other uses or lost through causes each year between 2000 and 2010.

Distance Learning is calling to action a number of students ready to get into an eco-friendly career that can help save the forests and reverse the effects of deforestation. Visit the website to learn more.

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