Adoptimist Releases New Infograph on Private and Open Adoptions in the US

Private Adoptions In The United States
The new infograph details the percentages of private adoptions and their costs.

With many couples wanting to adopt a baby or child in the United States to call their own, many may not understand the way the process works or how much it may cost in the end. While many times adoption does cost more than having your own child, due to legal fees, adoption fees and other expensive, Adoptimist has released a new infograph that explains the number of private adoptions in the United States and what they cost.

Around 52 percent of couples in the United States look into private adoption because of infertility issues. Because of this Adoptimist wants potential parents to understand the expenses of adopting a child privately. Many couples, around 33 percent, are able to adopt a child with all fees included for less than $5,000.

On the bright side, 57 percent of families that have reported on private adoption have had a very positive experience with their attorney or adoptive agency. Unfortunately, just as often as families spend $5,000 on an adoption, others spend $10,000 or more.

Adoptomist also outlined open adoptions in the United States, and shows in the new infograph that the percentage of families with pre-adoption agreements to keep the process open is around 67 percent. In fact, 68 percent of families post-adoption contact with birth family members, allowing the child to have a relationship with their birth family, such as parents, grandparents, and siblings, if there are any.

Sources used in the infograph include statistics from Statistic Brain, Adoptive Families, and ASPE in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. To learn more about different types of adoption in the U.S., visit Adoptomist today.


Adoptimist ( connects expecting mothers looking for adoption options for their child and adoptive parents. The company provides adoption-ready families and hopeful families from all walks of life, including parent and adoption profiles. As a leader in the growing field of online adoption connections, the professionals at Adoptomist are dedicated to innovative and cost-effective family building. If you’re ready to get started on the adoption process, visit the website today. See their newly released infographic here –

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