Women and Their Hair: A New Infograph by Try Mira Hair Oil

Women and Their Hair: A Tangle Between Love/Hate
In a new infograph, TryMiraHairOil.com tells the story of a love/hate relationship many women have with their hair.

In an interview taking a jab at media’s attention and obsession with aesthetics, former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” But the truth is, we all pay a lot of attention and care to our hair.

A new infographic by Try Mira Hair Oil has broken down the statistics of hair care for women, and they want to share the findings in a new infograph that will reach readers who desperately need a fix for their dry, breaking hair.

According to the infograph, a recent US survey showed two hypothetical options for female participants. The first was to gain 10 or more IQ points, the second was to choose a lifetime of great hair. The conductors and researchers at StyleList.com found that 57 percent of surveyed women would opt for great hair over more IQ.

In addition, 27 percent of women were willing to give up chocolate forever for good hair and 32 percent would be willing to stop texting forever. An estimatedd one-third of women discover that hairstyle best suits them in their thirties, but by then, frizz is the most common complaint of US women in that age category. The second biggest complaint of women from all age groups was “boring” hair.

Frizz is such a big problem however, that 54 percent of U.S. women are more likely to become angry with their more than their significant other. If you’re ready to get beautiful, luscious and soft hair, visit TryMiraHairOil.com and learn about the amazing health benefits mira oil can have for you hair.

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