New Infograph on Toxic Waste Published by Distance Learning

Running a Perfectly Good Earth…Toxic Waste in the air, land, and sea
In order to illustrate how bad toxic waste is on earth, Distance Learning has released an infograph that describes how it is ruining the planet.

Toxic waste is any byproduct that can cause death or serious injury, as well as disease and birth defects, to living creatures whether it be humans, other animals, or plants and other kingdoms of life.A new infograph has been created by the online college and resource website, Distance Learning to explain how toxic waste is detrimental to our health.

To describe how toxic waste can be devastating, Distance Learning describes the air pollution that killed thousands of people in a matter of days. December 2, 1984 – a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India leaks over 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas and other toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, killing 8,000 people in only a few days due to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest. People awoke in bed with coughing fits and lungs filling with fluid. In all, 20,000 residents have died because of the disaster since it happened in 1984.

373 toxic waste sites were analyzed by researchers in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India and found that outdoor air pollution is claiming 1.5 million healthy years from the 1.6 billion regional population, compared to just 725,000 healthy years being taken from the population of these nations by malaria.

There has also been a terrible amount of land and sea pollution added over the last 100 years, where aquatic animals are dying from trash and toxins in the water, and some villages are being created overtop of landfills over the world to deal with over populations.

In fact, according to the infograph, now there is garbage floating in outer space in orbit around Earth. NASA and other space programs have discussed sending radioactive weapons outside of the atmosphere in order to dispose of it.

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