Distance Learning Releases New Infograph on Ozone Depletion

Ozone Depletion (Dispelling the Myths)
To spread awareness about environmental destruction, Distance Learning has published an infograph of facts about ozone depletion and myths that accompany the phenomenon.

Distance Learning, an online resource for people looking to go back to school, wants to shed light on environmental destruction, specifically ozone depletion. In order to do this, they have released a comprehensive infograph that has many facts about the ozone and what contributes to its disappearance.

The Earth’s ozone is layer  is a naturally occurring layer of gas that sits 15 to 30 kilometers above sea level. It protects life on Earth from the destructive ultraviolet B radiation that the Sun emits. Ozone is a molecule of 3 oxygen atoms, highly reactive, and it is constantly being broken down and reformed again up in the Stratosphere.

There are several myths that surround the ozone and its depletion, and Distance Learning has busted each one. For example, the infograph explains that volcanoes are not the real cause of the ozone depletion. While volcanic eruptions do inject some hydrogen chloride into the atmosphere, most eruptions are too weak to reach the stratosphere. Man-made CFCs are the main reason for ozone depletion.

Distance Learning also informs readers that the ozone layer does not just cover antarctica. While it is true that there is now a huge hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica, empirical evidence shows us that the ozone layer is being depleted in many places worldwide.

For Distance Learning and the rest of the world, it is important to continue spreading awareness about the ozone layer. For more information or to find degrees related to environmentalism, visit DistanceLearning.com

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