EasilyGreen Publishes New Infograph on LED lights

Let There Be (LED) Light!…
The New Infograph, LED: The Cost-Saving, Lighting Alternative for Business explains the smart move from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to LED lighting.

EasilyGreen has just released a new infographic on LED lights, in hopes to persuade consumers into making the right choice and choose eco-friendly lighting for their businesses. LED lamp technologies are constantly improving, and there is a growing market for energy efficient and cost-saving  lighting options.

According to the infograph, the mercury content that is present in CFLs has drawn major concern over product health and safety. In contrast, LEDs have been dubbed by ClimateToday.com as no mercury and very low energy needs.

If you’re looking to lessen your carbon footprint here on earth, LED is the safest choice. Compared to CFLs, which produce over 1,000 pounds of CO2 per year and incandescent bulbs that put out a whopping 4,405 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, LEDs only put out 514 pounds a year. In addition, LED lights can last up to 80,000 hours, while CFLs are can only last 50,000 hours.

Incandescent light bulbs contain toxic materials, overheat often, and are susceptible to damage. LED lights provide low voltage, safe to install and can be exposed to rain or snow without the risk of damage. LED also contains no filaments, so it can be considered safe for you and your family.

For more information on switching to LED, be mindful of your energy options and visit EasilyGreen Energy Solutions.

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