Wizards of Wiki to launch Wikipedia translation service

In recent years paid Wikipedia editing has become increasingly popular with both notable individuals and businesses. Wikipedia has the power to make or break a reputation and the majority of people in PR are beginning to realize this.
Wizards of Wiki began to offer consultancy to a number of organizations and individuals after their foundation. Over time it became apparent that creation of articles was a service that could be offered, and if carried out by the Wizards of Wiki team, it could extremely effective.

In August 2013, the company announced it would be launching a translation service after taking on a number of additional writers. They are beginning their focus on French, Spanish and German articles aiming to provide this service to western companies and individuals who want their article listing in more than English.

The staff at Wizards of Wiki already carries out Wikipedia editing work and Wikipedia article creation for some of the largest corporations globally. They also offer a white labeling service, making it much easier for PR and Reputation agencies to use their services.

The founder of Wizards of Wiki, Mark Bray had this to say about the service “The ever expanding management of Wikipedia has required us to frequently launch new innovative services, this happens to be one of them. Companies and individuals who have a global presence need to ensure their presence isn’t only covered in a couple of languages or regions.”

While the English Wikipedia is an essential source of information, people often forget the importance of the other mainstream languages.

Bray continued, “Wikipedia is written in over 200 languages, but the reality is that the English version is populated with more content than the others. However, this isn’t to say the others aren’t used. According to Wikipedia, by 2025, it is expected that over 500 million people will speak French. So surely it makes sense to translate the English article into French to expand the presence of a brand or an individual’s reputation?”

After e-mailing a number of PR companies that Wizards of Wiki currently deal with, it was clear that to the owners that companies and individuals alike can benefit from this service. In the coming year Wizards of Wiki are completely redesigning their website, adding functionality and glossaries to greatly increase the knowledge of the public about editing Wikipedia.

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