Water Scarcity Examined in New Infograph by Distance Learning

Ever Wonder about Water Scarcity?
According to World Wildlife, only 3 percent of the world’s water is freshwater, and two-thirds of it is frozen in glaciers unavailable for human use and consumption.

Distance Learning has released a new infographic about water scarcity and the growing problem of not having enough water to sustain life for human sustenance. Fresh water is used for consumption, crop irrigation, and bathing. While 1.1 billion people on earth have access to as much water as they need, but unfortunately 2.4 billion people have inadequate water sanitation measures. This may lead to cholera, typhoid fever and other water-borne illness.

The water scarcity phenomenon is already affecting every continent on the planet. One fifth of the world’s population live in areas of physical scarcity. The phenomenon is both manmade and naturally occurring. There is enough water for the seven billion people that are alive on earth, but it is distributed unevenly, or wasted, polluted or unsustainably managed.

Distance Learning provides resources for people wanting to get involved in the environment field, a fast growing career opportunity that could allow students to graduate and help end the water scarcity, through several different degree programs. With water scarcity affecting one in three people on earth, there is a dire need for people in this line of work.

With the new infograph, Distance Learning hopes to reach a broad audience and generate a passion for changing the world’s water supply around. Jobs in this field include rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, reducing consumption, desalination of salt water. These processes could add more fresh water to the world’s supply and manage rainwater for crops.

If you have a passion for the world’s economy and ecology, visit Distance Learning and find a degree program in your area of interest, and share the new infograph with your friends and family today.

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