Small Ways to Fix Snoring Can Make Big Difference

Some basic ways to curtail the noisy and potentially harmful night-time afflictions

While it may be the butt of many jokes, snoring can be a potential hassle and even a health risk if not watched carefully. The affliction can mean a more serious underlying problem. Even if not, the act of snoring can disrupt sleep for you or a loved one, and can mean lower productivity, mental awareness during waking hours, and general fatigue. With that in mind, there are some simple steps that can be taken in order to curtail the act.

First, one can try simply rolling over, snoring occurs when the soft palate is relaxed and the airways are struggling to pull in enough air to appease the lungs. When one sleeps on his/her back, it can leave the soft palate hanging over the top of the back-end of the throat, obstructing the air passage. Sometimes the tongue can also partially block the airway as well, causing snoring.

Removing all the negative health risks is another way to avoid snoring as well. Smoking, drinking, and overeating can all attribute to one’s snoring habit. Drinking especially relaxes the muscles that keep the passageway to the lungs open. Sometimes, simply not having a nightcap will help one remove snoring. Avoiding sleep-aids for the same reason can also help some.

Tossing away one’s pillow can also help, as the neck must remain extended and straight, and thus the passageway can remain more open. When mixed with sleeping on one’s stomach, many are able to curtail their snoring habit without any changes to the rest of their life.

Utilizing a vaporizer can assist individuals as well. Cleaner and easier-to-breathe air can mean better sleep across the board. For snorers, the added potential for less snoring is a welcome bonus.

Checking for allergies with a physician is also preferable for those who cannot seem to kick the snoring. Sometimes allergies can develop later in life, and must be noted by a specialist.


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