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Comedy most viewed content while men still dominate content viewing

The online entertainment destination that is owned by Multi Screen Media,, has released its latest two-quarter report. The numbers show that the maximum video content is now consumed via mobile phones.

The findings show that 53% of viewers now watch videos on their mobile devices, while 32% view them online and 15% utilize tablets. The report was gathered through Sony LIV user Data.

The audience numbers showed that there are particular partitions regarding who is watching what content. The report noted that general entertainment content, while somewhat skewed toward male viewers has a higher female base when compared to overall internet video content within India.

On video consumption trends showed 47% of female and 53% of male. The split was relatively vast for nighttime video consumption online, with a 71/29% split for men.

When it came to genres, the analytics showed that comedy and daily dramas have the highest viewership on digital devices. Nearly 78% of videos that are viewed are comedy, drama, or thriller. Comedy is now viewed by 30% of all active audiences. Drama is viewed by 25% of all viewers, while thrillers is in third with 23% overall. Reality shows are outside the top three with only 22% overall.

Business Development and Digital Syndication, Nitesh Kripalani stated about the study: “At, we are captivated with data and analytics and believe in leveraging the insights to drive a superior world class viewing experience. We publish insights based on real data that we study every hour of the day. This is done by monitoring the consumption behavior of over 50,000 unique visitors on an average who log on to, across all platforms, i.e., online, mobile and tablet. It is clear that today’s viewers increasingly prefer short content formats on digital platforms. They are opting for formats like Catch-up episodes, Quickisodes and Short crunch episodes. As per the report, 64 per cent of viewers watch Catch-up Episodes, whereas more than one-third of viewers consume shorter crunched Episodes or Quickisodes.”


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