New York City Hall Wedding Photography Duo Captures Many Special Moments

From spur-of-the-moment to lunch weddings witnessed by the veterans of the shutter lens

Hundreds are married at the New York City Hall nearly every day of the year. Some couples forget the flowers, the veils, or even the rings sometimes, but the only true necessity is the witness.

Goran Veljic and Braulio Cuenca take care of that concern for many,the two wedding photographers have served as witness for an almost uncountable number of couples. That duty is both allows them to market their own services, as well as allows them to take part in many couples’ happiest moment.

“Any time you’re feeling stressed, or sad, you should come to City Hall to see the weddings,” said Veljic, a 43-year-old from what is now Serbia. “I love being in an environment built on love and happiness.”

Buenca’s 20 years as a wedding photographer, and Veljic’s still respectable four years, the two have seen nearly every kind of ceremony imaginable.

There was an opera singer who met her fiance off the plan from Germany, the brothers who held a double wedding, the couple who could not get married unless their dog was present, and all the many New Yorkers just too darn busy to do anything but a lunch-break wedding. With a few photos and a goodbye kiss before separate cabs are taken, those couples are surely all destined for happily ever afters.

“It’s about the special moments,” said Cuenca, 47, who emigrated from Ecuador. “It’s just a minute in the couples’ lives that means something forever. To see that is special.”

“We can always point people who need witnesses in the photographers’ direction, and they’re happy to help,” said Samantha Goldsberry, who works at the gift shop at City Hall and has seen the two photographers work their magic for years. “They’re some of the main characters here. They’re part of the fabric.”


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