Expensive Weaves Become Integrated in Starkville’s Culture

Weaves, which have always been somewhat mildly popular, have recently become a dominating subculture in African Americans, becoming increasingly used in the African-American beauty market.

Weaves have become the new status symbol and an easy way to compete with the next girl. Celebrities such as Beyonce have been wearing weaves for quite a while, and as you may remember, Beyonce recently got her hair stuck in a fan during a performance in which the blades were pulling the tightly woven designer weave out of her head.

Tylena Byas, a model in junior apparels, textiles and merchandising, said the weave is more relevant in today’s society because it helps women feel more confident. She says that doesn’t mean women can’t be confident with their own hair, but it helps gives women more of something to be proud of, almost like a crown.

Installing a weave can be a very long and daunting process that sometimes takes more than four hours, depending on the weave, and the majority of weaves are sewn into braids on a woman’s scalp to make sure the weaves won’t fall out, making it look more like natural hair.

Some popular textures of weave include Brazilian, Malaysian, the type that Beyonce got caught in the fan, Indian and Peruvian. “Remi” is an umbrella term that includes several varieties of “good quality hair”, and are often much much more expensive. Remi weaves are constructed of virgin human hair and its cuticles are not stripped.

Korin Houston, college sophomore with an undeclared major, thinks women wear weaves to emulate pop culture stars in another cosmetic process.

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