Poker Fans Angered at McCain’s Indecisiveness on Internet Gambling

Senator John McCain, who was caught by a Washington Post photographer playing online power during a Syria debate, one sought to ban online gambling.

Wayne Allyn Root, a successful Las Vegas oddsmaker said that John McCain, the 2008 Libertarian vice president candidate and prominent Mitt Romney supporter not only opposed online gambling, but he also might have been one of the biggest critics of gambling in Congress.

Root added that Obama and McCain are masters of the politicians’ art form, which is “do as I say, not as I do”, which is a nice way of saying they are liars, cheats, frauds and hypocrites. While Melina Mara, the photographer who caught John McCain playing poker on his iPhone, he was playing the popular poker game VIP Poker, which doesn’t use real money.

Root did point out that he could hardly have done otherwise, because if it wasn’t a free play, he would have to go to jail, as online gambling is still illegal in most states, and those states that have legalized it, hasn’t yet launched websites that use real money.

McCain made light of playing the game on his iPhone on the Senate floor, saying he voted in favor of the 1998 Internet Gambling Amendment. Had it passed, the bill would have criminalized placing, receiving or otherwise making a bet or wager on the internet. In other words, since his game was free to play there was “no harm done”.

Doyle Brunson so so disgusted with McCain’s work for criminalizing what people can do with their own money that he refused to back McCain for president in 2008. He did however vote for McCain, but not because of any change McCain made in internet gambling.


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