Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers Releases Sapphire Infographic

Sapphire: The Blue Stone Beauty
Sapphire: The Blue Stone Beauty [Free Infographic]

The sapphire has been a sought after precious gemstone since its discovery. The first American sapphire was found in 1865 by Lewis and Clarke in Missouri. Now, a new infographic from Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers explains all one could ever want to know about the gem.

The category of the gem is an oxide mineral and its standard blue is well known across the world. However, sapphires can range in their possible colors. They can be seen in a wide range of colors, in fact. Those that come in separate spectrums are considered “Fancy Sapphires.” The gem has a melting point of 2030 C and its streak is white.

But why is blue the standard? The infographic points out that the mineral corundium is the cause, and is what helps make the gem highly prized.

The title “sapphire” comes from the Greek work that means “precious stone.” And the stone is used as the birthstone of September. That time places it in the category of the Virgo on the Zodiac calendar. According to Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers infographic, the sapphire stands for truth, consistency, and sincerely as its values.

There are eight famous Sapphire’s in existence. The Logan, Queen Marie of Romania, Ruspoli, Star of Asia, Star of Bombay, Star of India, Stuart, and Black Star of Queensland sapphires all hold places as the most famous.

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