Perfect Audience Unveils Facebook Retargeting Platform for Brands of All Sizes

 Perfect Audience, a YCombinator-backed startup, is proud to announce the launch of its new Facebook retargeting service. Brands of all sizes are now able to create retargeting campaigns across Facebook Exchange in minutes to bring back lost customers and gain more sales.

Within hours of signing up on Perfect Audience, marketers can have campaigns live on Facebook. Perfect Audience does not require advertisers to endure an enterprise sales process. Users need to merely create an account, place a tag on their site, and create a free trial campaign.

Perfect Audience is offering a 2-week free trial on first campaigns and requires just a $25/week minimum budget. Perfect Audience has already signed up nearly 1000 brands including fast-growth companies like New Relic, Vita Coco, 99designs, and Tagstand.

Perfect Audience customers pay on a CPM basis. Co-founder Brad Flora says advertisers are seeing lower CPMs on Facebook than on the web. This is translating to cost per clicks up to 30% less. According to Flora, “One Perfect Audience customer typically pays $1.65 for clicks on Adwords and about $1 for clicks on the web retargeting campaigns they run with Perfect Audience. A week ago this same advertiser launched their first Facebook retargeting campaign and their cost per click is just $0.68.”

“Facebook retargeting has other advantages,” Flora says. “On Facebook, your ads always appear above the fold so you don’t pay for below-the-fold impressions no one sees like on the web. Also, Facebook ads are radically easier to create than banner ads, which help companies save time, hassle, and money.”

“With our Facebook retargeting, a company can write their ad copy, upload their logo and be done making creative in seconds. Web retargeting delivers incredible ROI, but our users often have to spend weeks designing ads or hiring companies to create animated banners for them. By using simple Facebook ads, Facebook retargeting removes all the creative friction from the process while delivering the same great retargeting ROI,” Flora says.

“Simplicity, low-prices and big ROI are the keys to making advertisers happy,” Flora says. “More and more companies are taking control of their ad spend and want self-service tools with beautiful dashboards, free trials, and detailed documentation. That’s where our product comes from.”

About Perfect Audience
Perfect Audience gives marketers an easy way to create and manage Facebook retargeting campaigns that bring back lost web site visitors and generate more sales. Using advertiser cookie data and a proprietary ad targeting schema, Perfect Audience Facebook retargeting lets advertisers reach the right advertiser at the right time, for 30% less than traditional web retargeting. The only 100% self-service Facebook retargeting solution, Perfect Audience has won the confident of nearly 1,000 advertisers including 99designs, Vita Coco, and New Relic. These companies us Perfect Audience to acquire new customers, drive sales, and stay in front of prospects during the decision-making process for new purchases. Perfect Audience is backed by a-list investors including YCombinator, SVAngel, Start Fund, and New World Ventures.

For more information on Perfect Audience and to start a 14-day free trial campaign today, go to

Story Contact: Brad Flora, Perfect Audience Co-founder and President
e-mail: press (at) perfectaudience (dot) com