Research Points to Doubling Daily Recommended Protein for Weight Loss

Standard and tripled levels are not as effective in studies

The question of how much protein one needs per day is a question that has bounced about in the food and health sector for some time. The questions becomes even more complex when one is trying to lose weight, and it can often have a lot to do with personalized factors. However, a new study may change the some of what experts have assumed for a long time.

Researchers have begun to determine the basic ideal amount of protein that can be assumed necessary to avoid muscle loss. Their current answer: Twice the daily recommended allowance, says Helio.

The participants of this most recent study followed the guidelines of one of three controlled diets that provided dietary protein that spanned differing levels.

There was the Current Protein RDA, Double the level RDA, and Three Times the level of RDA. In addition to each, the researchers gave instructions to each of the individuals to follow. The result came out to be that those who followed double-RDA of protein were able to lose the most weight.

“It is our hope the findings from this well-controlled study will be discussed and cited by the Institute of Medicine for the updated Dietary Reference Intakes on protein,” declared Stefan M. Pasiakos, PhD, lead author and a researcher from the Military Nutrition Division at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, Mass.

However, there are some items to remember before doubling up on all meats and proteins you can find. Doctors should be consulted regarding personal health and which types of protein may be best, especially if a significant increase is expected. A nutritionist can give more direct answers with a stronger quality of information. However, even a GP can recommend avoidance of some proteins or addition of others for quality ingestion and health.

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