History of Print Explored in New Infographic Released by Monoprice

A Brief History of Print
From its inception in China to the Current 3D printing

As the infographic shows, the history of printing is an expansive journey that spans the globe. From its humble beginnings to its role in the advancement of literature, economics, and art, the act of printing has truly changed the dynamic of the human experience.

It was first thought of and developed in limited fashion in China as far back as the first century AD. The oldest known printer was a woodblock-printed scripture of Buddhist writings within the Wu Zetian period.

The first major known explosion of the industry was when Johann Gutenburg developed the European printing technology in 1440, which gave birth to expansive printing capabilities.

Briton William Nuthead create the first print business in 1685, and the Maryland Gazette was founded in 1727, making it the oldest known continuously published printed paper in the United States. The first mass printing press was developed nearly 220 years later after Nuthead’s creation, by Ira Washington Rubel in 1903. The printing press would forever change the capability of information sharing and gathering by the common man.

But as the infographic points out, the printing capability now possessed by humans is something almost unfathomable in times past. Clothing, guitars, camera lenses and even houses are now capable of being built with 3D printing.

Development of food and prosthetic body parts, even internal body parts are now capable of being created within the 3D printing process.

The new infographic released by Monoprice shows that there is almost no limit to an industry that formed from an invention made so very long ago. It may be the one industry that continually gives to the human endeavor more than any other industry on earth.

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