New Infographic Released by Monoprice Underscores Importance of Ethernet Cables

A Look at…Ethernet Cables
From the early days of the telegraph to today’s supercomputers

The category 5 Ethernet cable is the most widely used and reliable design of Ethernet cable for consumer use. With a wide variety of attributable uses, the CAT5 is an Ethernet cable standard as defined by the Electronic Industry Association and Telecommunications Industry Association.

The CAT 5 is a twisted pair design that allows for noise rejection through its very design. The “5” in the name stands for it being a fifth-generation of said twisted design. It is the most popular of all the currently used styles of Ethernet design.

The CAT 5 is both fast and has a strong run distance for consumer use. The 4 pair s of copper-wire cables is the standard, while Fast Ethernet communications utilize only two of the pair. The infographic released by Monoprice does point to the fact that there is a CAT5e version for enhanced capability that does use all four pairs of wires.

The Ethernet cable in Category 5 are a new technology, but the origins of the usage of the cables can be linked back to basic telegraph work. The Morse Code was named after Samuel Morse, who used dots and dashes to communicate messages over copper wire.

The history of the information transfer is vast over the last two centuries: From 1844, when Samuel Morse first send messages from Washington DC to Baltimore, to the 1948 invention of the transistor by Bell Labs, and the 1979 Ethernet invention by Xerox, all the way up to the CAT5e standard created to push the limits of new technology.

Modern technology uses 1’s and 0’s to relay information, but does so at a severely higher rate than once done over telegraphs. During the 19 th century, 2 or 3 dashes could be sent per second, while today’s technologoy is able to send 1,000,000,000 1’s and 0’s every second.

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