Infographic Notes the Many Uses for 2.5mm Connectors

A Brief Guide To… 2.5MM Cables
Despite no longer being standard, 2.5mm still in use for variety of tasks.

While the use of the 2.5mm cords is less comma than years past, a newly released infographic by Monoprice covers the variety of uses that can be attributed to the 2.5mm. The infographic points out that while the 3.5mm is now the more known standard, the 2.5mm, once used as the standard for LAN-line and headphone usage, is still utilized in a variety of ways.

The 2.5mm can be seen for earphone/headphone sets, cordless phone headsets, 2-way radios, microphone inputs, DC connectors for cassette players, TI-83 calculator connectors for unit programming, and TTY devices that are utilized for the hearing impared.

The original phone connector was a whopping 6.35mm, and was used for manual switchboards. Such usage dated back to 1878. Nowadays, the standard connector set is still in use, and is the thus the longest persisting type of connector. The 3.5 and 2.5mm sizes, first created for transistor radios, are still being utilized today.

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