New Infograph by Structured Settlement Cash Shows Evolution of Currency

The Evolution of Currency
“The Evolution of Currency” explores how currency and money has changed throughout the centuries.

Structured Settlement Cash, a company dedicated to helping individuals get a cash lump sum payment from their settlement, has released a new infographic describing the money system from ancient civilizations until today.

When people don’t have a good understanding of money, they often don’t spend it right to help keep them financially stable. Structured Settlement Cash put this infograph together to help everyday people understand where money came from and how it has evolved over the years.

In the beginning, people and businesses bartered, trading items for other items, salt, seeds, weapons, even cattle and water. Livestock, such as camels, sheep and cows were commonly accepted currency around 10,000 years ago. Grain was also commonly used as currency, and 5,000 years ago, became standardized currency in Mesopotamia.

Around 700 BC, the production of silver and gold coins in ancient Lydia began. Now what is modern day Turkey, people used them for trade in Greek cities on the coast. Gods, animals and emperors were stamped on the metal to show authenticity and value.

In 806 AD, innovators in China developed the first paper money, but wasn’t widely accepted even in China until around 960 AD. This was followed for centuries as balance between supply and demand for currency was understood.

Cheques, now commonly spelled as “checks” were invented as “instructions” to pay a customizable amount and were regulated from banks. As technology advanced, checks led to the development of debit and credit cards, which were just automatic, electronic transfers of checks.

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