3 Simple Steps To Higher Productivity

Simple techniques to increase office efficiency

Even if your work environment seems as efficient as it can be, there is always something you can tweak to try and increase productivity. The steps generally involve three elements: psychological, physical and mental.

1. Happiness

This may seem obvious but happiness in the workplace is often overlooked. Unhappy employees will not work to their full potential even if they are pushed. If they are in a bad mood their productivity will suffer, it is just a simple fact. Allow your employees to take small breaks if they need to do so. The human mind is simply not designed to work on the same task for hours without a break.

The work environment itself is more productive when it is relaxed and friendly. This does not mean work should be replaced by chat sessions, but parties, celebrations and company lunches should be part of the motivational plan. Regardless of the tasks of each individual employee, it feels better to know that they are all part of one big team.

2. Temperature

Physical factors such as a temperature that is too hot or too cold can dramatically affect productivity. Many studies have shown that improper room temperatures can reduce productivity by as much as 20 percent. Office temperature should be around 25°C, with the optimal range between 21°C to 25°C. Countries with hot climates tend to set the air conditioning to temperatures that are actually too low for comfort. This is expensive and bad for the environment but efficiency levels of employees also decrease when they are too cold.

3. Time Tracking

There are some great time tracking softwares on the market today and many of them are free. They track the time each employee spends on each tasks and show exactly where improvements could be made. A number of companies around the globe praise the benefits of this type of tracking. It becomes evident to the employees themselves exactly when time is being wasted and on what. Time tracking has been described as the most effective method of reducing distractions in the workplace.

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