Charity Group Needs More Bunk and Twin Beds

Siblings who want to stay together having trouble doing so

A local non-profit is saying it is having trouble finding ways to help foster families. “We get calls almost everyday and we just can’t keep up with them,” said Homes of Hope Director, Angie Derting.

Homes of Hope, the local organization that is in charge of assisting foster parents care for the children they graciously take in, is feeling the pressure of the half-decade long penny-pinching that has crossed the nation. Such fearful mindsets that follow such a downturn in excess goods means that it is difficult to find proper goods for individuals.

“We have doubled in the number of foster kids that we are serving now since last summer,” said Derting.

The Department of Social and Health Services Media Relations Manager John Wiley stated that there had been an increase in foster kids as well. That makes it tougher to keep siblings together, as well the basic logistical problems that come with influx.

“It’s just a lot better for them for their behavior and for their future,” said Wiley.

It is not easy for parents who say they are not well equipped to house all the children that want to stay together (as one would expect them to). “We are taking in sibling groups that are four to five children,” said Supply Coordinator Shawn McCracken. “And foster parents aren’t setup to handle that.”

The workers for Homes of Hope say that there are ways to help, including twin or bunk-beds that can be given to families to help them house siblings.

“We need them to be smoke-free because a lot of our children are having respiratory troubles,” said Derting.

“It brings such joy to these children, when there’s limited joy in their lives at this time,” said McCracken. “It’s a traumatic time for them and so any little bit that we can do to help is well worth it.


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