Children’s Room Concepts Broaden With Modern Households

Varying concepts and creating space for shared rooms taken into account for decor

When deciding on a child’s room décor, there is plenty to consider. The spaces now have more options than ever before, as traditional genres and gender themes have fallen to the wayside. Decorators and retailers are now offering much more than ever before, whether the room is for one or more children.

Amanda Nisbet, a New York designer, is using elements such as 70’s furniture, bright yellow and energetic hues, along with lively themes to give rooms more of a pop to them.

Virginia decorator Nancy Twomey looks to blend neutral colors with gentle trim to add a soft and somewhat whimsical touch. With softer edges to room items and less abrupt angles throughout the room to create flow.

The modern household is no longer the same, and so the modern dynamic of rooms can now change with some children spending part-time schedules in certain homes. Creating spaces for the children is important, say Ikea North America’s U.S. design leader, Josee Berlin. The concept to keep in mind is that children feel at ease when they are sleeping within their own space.

“A child’s own space can be as simple as a soft, comfortable, cozy bed. Smart options like the old-fashioned, tried-and-true bunk bed can really transform a space for many children,” Berlin says.

Another important aspect, according to Country Living editor Jami Suspic, is to make sure a child’s room does not feel enclosed or narrow.

“A stumbling block for many when they design their child’s rooms is that they make it all about the time period the child’s in at that moment. This leaves no room for growth or change,” she says. “Use accessories and toys to identify the age of your child, but leave walls, window treatments and furnishings mature.”


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