Dixie Techs Meeting will Feature USTAR Input on Small Business Financing

Two forms of alternative business financing, grants, and angel financing will be discussed at this year’s Dixie Technical Association.

Dixie Techs chair Josh Aikens said that most start-up, pre-revenue business ventures have a hard time getting bank financing due to the high risks associated with funding a business that hasn’t made any money or have collateral. To help small business owners or those looking to start a small business, Aikens thought the help of USTAR would help.

Mary Cardon from USTAR’s SMALL Business Innovative Research Office will be at the Dixie Technical Association Friday at noon in the Taylor Health Sciences Building at Dixie State University to help explain how unique projects and business ideas can get grants sponsored by the Small Business Association.

Adam Snow, principal of Vision Venture, will also be there to help explain and describe what angel investors are looking for in business projects when they fund a small business. Snow recently founded a startup company of his own, Sport Stocks,, and has been successful obtaining angel-financing of his own after many unsuccessful tries at getting conventional funding from banks.

Those interested in developing their entrepreneurial knowledge and increasing their networks of knowledge are invited to attend the Dixie Tech Association this coming Friday. Admission is free, but attendees should RSVP to JGoodspeed@dixie.edu.

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