Utility Fees Coming to Coastal Residence

Inland Californias could see drop in price

The California lawmakers are now setting up a passing of legislation that may change bills for many citizens within the state. The new changes would affect residents of the Southern California Edison Company and other state utilities.

Those living in the more temperate climates along the coast will be seeing even higher bills than they currently deal with. Those within the San Joaquin Valley, Inland Empire, and Mojave desert would see some leeway on bills in their area.

The full rise in relates has been left to the Public Utilities commission following a detailed investigation of technical aspects involved. The PUC would then be able to charge the ratepayers a fixed fee of $10.

Legislators would also authorize PUC alter the rules of solar power users to selling excess power to the grid which will require utilities to generate electricity from natural sources like wind or solar energy.

Currently, the state requires nearly 33% of power from renewable sources within seven years.

The current proposal would replace “outdated, electric-rate restrictions adopted during the state’s energy regulation crisis over a decade ago,” said its author, Assemblyman Henry T. Perea (D-Fresno).

The legislation finally being pushed through is a heavily-amended peace that has flown under the radar for much of the year. Investor owned electronic company have tried to gather consumer groups, rooftop solar companies, environmental groups, and manufacturers to put their two cents in to amend complex elements of the bill.

Finally, the bill has emerged as large energy initiatives passed, with one major bill passing the Senate by 33-5 on Monday, and clearing the Assembly 66-4.

Kathryn Phillips, who works as director of the Sierra Club, stated the fee “has no real purpose other than to discourage investment in rooftop solar and energy efficiency” by lengthening the time needed to reap a payback from their expensive renewable systems.

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