Does Tweeting Make You a Twit?

A study presented at the american Bar Association annual conference in San Francisco to prove social media is an effective way to establish clients and increase sales for businesses.

Many lawyers and other professional businessmen believe that using twitter is unprofessional, for younger generations and money spent on social media yields no return. However, these beliefs can be detrimental to the success of law firms. Actively and appropriately engaging in social media is no longer a nice addition to your business, but rather a “must have” for building a successful firm.

For example, even lawyers at local law firms start by searching for a new, reliable product or service on the web. They consider looking at Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin or even youtube to find about whether the particular company or product will be right for them.

The same holds true for people looking for a lawyer. Having a consistent social media presence is important for local SEO, and can help you interact with your clients and potential clients in a professional way. There are some great things about Twitter that can help spread your brand awareness.

There are 200 million active users on Twitter, and just because they don’t live around you or need your service doesn’t mean they don’t care what you have to say. Twenty percent of individuals who “follow” a company on TWitter do so to give feedback and share ideas, which could help you listen to your target market. Almost 94 percent of adults using social media do so to talk about brands. this includes services they’ve used.

You can build a massive platform with Twitter, allowing youto effectively grow the number of people who know who you are, what you do and the types of people and companies you are qualified to help.


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