Trading Volatility with Binary Options

Binary options can help you time the market

Binary options’ trading is becoming a very popular investment vehicle in a volatile market. The terms and conditions of the option are agreed upon by the investor and broker before the option is purchased. Binary options are available in a wide range of markets and can be incorporated into the diversification aspects of your portfolio.

The stock market is the largest and most popular market in which investors participate but at times the market environment can become quite volatile. At these times it is obvious a particular stock price will change significantly. However, it is not easy to pick the direction the price will go (up or down) and in some cases, it will move widely in both directions in a single period. This is where binary options come in handy. The stock may move on changes in company policy, economic deviations, supply and demand fluctuation and many other stimuli.

Binary options may also be drawn up on the commodity market, market indexes as well as the ebb and flow of the Forex Market. Binary options are attractive for investors due to the short time scales that are generally involved in the transactions. Options are available in periods as short as fifteen to thirty minutes, so it is possible to get in and out of a market very quickly. The expiration of the option can also be extended for a fee to prevent a loss from being realized. This is practical when the justification for the trade is sound but the timing is off.


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