Spodek Law Releases New Infographic on Prenuptial Agreements

Nearly 1/2 of all U.S. Marriages End in Divorce
Spodek Law Group shows good reason to take prenup seriously

Spodek Law Group recently released an infographic that underscores the importance of a prenuptial agreement before saying your ‘I dos’.

Nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce in the United States. With each marriage that one enters into, the likelihood of divorce increases. Forty-one percent of all first marriages do not last a lifetime. Second marriages fail 60% of the time, while third marriages end almost three-fourths of the time.

As the infographic points out, a prenuptial can be entered into after the marriage, which is known as a antenuptial. Regardless of it be pre- or post-ceremony, the protection of individuals assets is key. Prenups cover the protection of assets, avoidance of exorbitant fees in court battles, and protects interest of children from prior marriage agreements. It also sets out parameters from alimony and maintenance if needed.

Spodek Law Group also desired to make clear that all the steps necessary to prenuptial agreements were understood. First, it is of utmost importance that each individual hires an independent counsel. Second, there must be full disclosure of the assets and liabilities possessed by each party. Third, the prenup is best served when it is done well ahead of the wedding date, which allows discussion, discourse, and decisions to be made in advance.

It is also important that each piece be signed and notarized by the appropriate parties to avoid any loopholes or indiscretion. And finally, the prenup should be considered fair by both parties before agreed upon, as it is libel to be thrown out of court if deemed unconscionable.


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