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Online Dating: Is It Time To Try It?
Since 2010, one-in-Six married couples have met through online dating sites

Online dating has swept up most demographics as a new useful way to meet those special individuals. However, as a new infographic from shows,the market is ever-growing, and provides an opportunity for true believers to find their one true soulmate.

The latest studies from the National Academy of Sciences is showing that almost a full third of Americans have met their spouses online, while online relationships have been found to actually be more satisfying overall.

The industry itself has boomed to over $1 billion in total revenue per year, while the mobile dating market now accounts for 50% of equal value. It has been estimated that the market for mobile online dating should more than double by the end of 2013, with customers spending nearly $239 per year to sign up and control benefits from such sites.

According to the infographic, over 40 million Americans now use some form of online dating services, and the average user spends nearly 22 minutes on a dating site for each visit. And ladies will be happy to know that there is a 3-to-1 margin of men to women, so they get their pick of the litter. Women were also found to be a bit more choosy on who they responded to. Given that men have predominately been the “hunters” while women are the “catches” the statistic stands to reason.

According to ChristianLove’s infographic, within the since 2010, 17% of couples who married met through online dating. That tally means that one in six married couples first met through some form of online service.

Christian Love provides a niche opportunity for like minded Christians to enjoy the companionship of one another under the grace of their shared faith. And by know that one’s faith is compatible with potential dates, couples can begin to look into more worldly connections that extend beyond the church.

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